A Bariga, Lagos-born Nigerian man Flaunts his designer bags which cost N1million each.

A Bariga, Lagos-born Nigerian man who resides in the beautiful city of Paris, France, has set the social media on fire after flaunting his designer bags which cost N1million each.


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A Bariga Lagos-born Nigerian man living lavish in far away Paris known as Ray HushPuppi on Instagram, has sent the social media buzzing with mixed reactions and wild criticisms after he showed off his newly acquired Versace Palazzo Empire manbags which reportedly costs N1million per bag.

The flamboyant luxury shopper who appears to be a Floyd Mayweather disciple, likes to show off on his Instagram page. He shared the photo above and captioned it, “Just Put Almost a Millie Naira (A Piece) on My New Versace Palazzo Empire Bag, So I Can Body Bag All Them Dusty Niggas #Versace.”
When he was questioned over his lavish lifestyle, he wrote on his humble beginings in the streets of Lagos, read below;

“When we were born in Bariga, we had a lot of dreams growing up, most of us dreamt to have like 3 danfo buses and maybe 10 okada bikes that would be making us daily money and date one amala restaurant owner’s daughter lol. For me, I never dreamt I would wear Versace trench coat and Louboutin shoes with a white man opening the door of a Maserati car for me.

“Sometimes it’s not always about the dream, there’s something bigger than dream which is God’s favor. Most of you people need to seek God’s favor, beg your mother to not sleep with her two eyes closed, tell her you are not comfortable with your current situation, tell your parents to seek God’s favor and blessings for you and your siblings, don’t come under my picture and be talking trash, don’t sit with your gossip partners and be bad mouthing another man who has it all going well for him, Seek for your own.

“Trust me I have experienced my parents getting eviction notes when I was growing up but let’s thank God, they now have power to issue eviction notes too. I know my mother is not on Instagram to see this but I really appreciate and love u mom. THE STORY WAS NEVER THE SAME COS YOU DIDNT SLEEP WITH YOUR TWO EYES CLOSED AND LET YOUR CHILDREN BECOME COMFORTABLE IN POVERTY. Inspire yourself and your story can be far better than mine.”




  1. His mother prayed and never ate up the DESTINIES of her children through Witchcrafting. I guess she is reaping the fruits of her support now. May God bless her.

  2. If this guy actually work 30days for one pay, he will never spend this way. If he does clean business in Paris that would even make him more smarter with money.
    Guys please don’t go home and bully your mum to forceful 40days dry fasting. This Bariga guys should tell us what he does for living or his business.
    I bet, its either Drug, Yahoo or sealing from his employer.
    Nigerian abroad are far smarter than this

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