Femi Fani Kayode being kept in an underground cell at EFCC office – Deji Adeyanju reports

In FFK words, Femi Fani Kayode authorized Adeyanju Deji to tell Nigerians what happened: Start reading from the bottom to the top… See image photos detailed below:

ffk status1

ffk status2

ffk status

In FFK words, Femi Fani Kayode authorized Adeyanju Deji to tell Nigerians what happened before Sahara Reporters and the Nation News start spreading news: Start reading from the bottom to the top



  1. FFK, enjoy your stay while it lasts. Welcome to Kuje prison. When u dey chop the money, u know remember the law of karma?

  2. Hummmmm, Nigeria is another Animal Farm in Africa. (All animals are equal but some are more equal than others).

  3. Comeuppance time for Fakayofool?
    If really his innocent, he’ll be set free once he can proof that – he’s been there before.
    Crooks always plead innocence with bravado until confronted with tangible and indisputable evidence; then they cave in.
    If he is guilty, hope they get him to return the full amount he carted away.
    The world is watching with interest.

  4. This is no longer anti corruption fight it is purely political witch hunt. Any body can give me money to run campaign for him/her its not a crime but if I didn’t do it that is when it is crime. I am one of FFK critics but in this case I understand what is going on. The boko harams convicted some days ago what punishment were they given order than to go to prison for some years. Why didnt they detain them in under ground prison. who is fooling who. I am seeing 90% injustice and only 10% justice this will take us no where. Dictatorship will soon set in. Lets be wise

  5. Except FFK has another case to answer, if it’s on moneys spent during election the offense should be for the party not FFK.

    It’s a known fact that the major parties in the land were guilty of over spending it’s just a matter of who is in power for now to try the other person.

    It will get to all some day.

  6. @Born to win: I don’t usually reply people on social medial but I just want to help you understand why FFK must answer questions. FFK understands anti-graft due diligent process act, if you are working for public, be it contracts or other services under due diligent, there are some account you ”may” not be able to open Your company must do tax returns, you need to know the source of your money and be sure you are not been used as a vehicle for money laundering, bribery or seen as gaining an illicit advantage. You cannot also be a sole signatory to public account, there must be board that approves the outgoings. Please read & understand the due diligent act as promulgated and amended under OBJ administration. I cannot explain everything here there are many clauses.
    In Summary, FFK, Olufalae etc yes got the money through “Company name” who are the board of directors of such company? How old is the company? What is the purpose of these company? Is this company still active or now dormant after election? What are their services? How many signatories and who is the company secretary? Basically these company were opened for purpose of receiving money only and “Sharing it” among themselves, without following simple basics principle of accounting and due diligent — Which is criminal and punishable under the Nigerian criminal codes. It’s no different from Saraki issues, you must declare you asset correctly if you hold public office –It’s our law and its simple !

  7. Agreed everyone being presently invited by the E.F.C.C perhaps have cases to answer BUT am beginning to think the E.F.C.C (under Buhari ) is interested in only those NOT in APC… How come not one ex-Gov from APC has been invited.let buhari do well to keep his integrity has being unbiased in this corruption fight… Nigerians should not be given more reasons to doubt this fight.

  8. @Abey,how long with it take you people to understand that the ongoing probe is about the reckless looting of money belonging to Federation accounts and therefore for national purposes by very few individuals,or,how many former PDP Governors have been arrested for looting their states resources? And who else could have access to federal funds if not the party in power then which is PDP? Wait until the probes get to the states before you pass judgement,we need to get understanding and leave sentiments aside please. This our attitude will not help us as a people if we continue to make case for corruption issues rather than fight it with all that is within us.

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