Being a Virgin is Killing Me…Who Will Help Me? – Nigerian Lady cries out for help

Hello AdeLove, how are you doing? Please i would really like for you to post this and keep me anonymous. I am 22 years old and a virgin and i honestly do not know if it is a blessing or a curse anymore. Over the last two years since i graduated from school, i have liked two guys.

lady vig

The first one was a very sweet guy and everything i wanted in a man. we decided to have a relationship and hoped it ends in marriage. Everything was going well till i told him i was a virgin and had never had sex before. He completely changed and started looking at me like i had some kind of disease. He didn’t even want to have sex with me again and said he doesn’t do the whole virgin thing. So we broke up.

The second guy was more of an asshole, when i told him i was a virgin he literally told me to go and get fucked then come back to him who remains a virgin these days.. sigh

I honestly dunnon what to do about it anymore, am i supposed to sleep with anyone to rid myself of this? Help! What is the world turning into these days? Please advise me before i take  a wrong steps ALF. Thanks and God Bless



  1. Hello virtuous lady,
    Its a graet tresure you have. If you value what you’ve got then others will value it.
    Its all about you.
    Cherish that purity symbol, never mind how people behave towards you, not even your mother if you are castigated for this (virginity).
    You may not seems to value it until you loose it which I do not pray for you.
    Add godliness to it and you will know how the heavens cherish it, that is if you’re yet to, but for your being perturbed by that I seem to doubt.
    Its a great treasure you’ve got.

  2. Hello Lady,
    Please don’t just do anything stupid,hold on till your creator will send you the bone of your bone and flesh of your flesh that will cherished what the dignity you have kept for him.You as a virgin in this perverse generation tell a lots of honor on both you and your parents and it means you honor God in your body,kindly hold on to it,be proud of it anywhere,any day.God bless you.

  3. Don’t mind the idiots talking, what you have is of great value. Those against you have lost value and sense.
    The guys that left you, if you asked them how many girls they have slept with, it will baffle you. You don’t even need to tell any man that you’re a Virgin, just maintain that there is no sex before marriage. All you need is a man that fear GOD and value you, and they are still there. GOD bless you

  4. Dear, you don’t need to worry about this. It is the decadent society that thinks every girl must have pre-marital sex. You should be proud of yourself to have remain chaste as the Bible the Word of God would put it. Any God fearing man that wishes to marry you will take you in high regards for you to have not shared body to others.
    You will not image the pains those who have taken the bitter pill of sleeping around, heartaches they have suffered. Diseases associated with sex, abortions, Aids, etc. Unfortunately, in this world of low moral values, non true Christian girl would wonder how you get this far. Rather than praising you, as usual with most ladies, would say something is wrong with you.
    You need not to worry. The real God fearing man will be very happy to have you as wife untouched by another man as required of God.
    I did personally prayed to have a virgin girl as wife. I lost my first sweetheart on account of not having sex with her. But, years after in 1994, I had a 200 Level University of Port Harcourt Biochemistry student at age 25years as virgin and I married same.
    And we are together till date. I need not to suspect any of her former male friends to have had my stuff, no one can boast to me, that what I have has been used by him and dump. That I am having the leftover.
    Please read 1 Corinthian 6:9,10. People who would inherit God Kingdom are those who keep themselves from the vices of the times, that fornicators, adulterers etc. will not. Revelation 21:8 all says, they shall be thrown into everlasting fire for permanent destruction.
    Remain in God’s Love

  5. Dear Lady you have a precious gift that many have lost by carelessness, do not join the numbers. Any man who will not value that gift of yours after your marriage night is not good enough for you. kindly note that there are few other decent ladies out there who are older and still virgin getting married with easy yours will not be an exception. All you need now since you are a graduate is to pray God to show you the man for you.
    I married my wife a virgin at 28.
    God bless you.

  6. My dear wonderful annonymous lady, I’m so proud of you, at least you stand out in the midst of this pervert and corrrupt generation, kudos to you, I will also need to admonish you that you’re not alone in this wonderful adventure, I had a friend she’s married as a virgin, at 31 years old, I’m 33, handsome, By HIS Grace doing fairly well in career, I’m also one, getting married soon though I’m so proud of it, I brag before my friends when they tend to put me down, even though it hasn’t been easy, I tell them I’m different because I have control over my urge, and they don’t means I’m better than a dog or goat who’s without control, I need to admonish you that at 22, you’ve tried but you can keep yourself till marriiage, virginity is not a curse, infact it is a Wonderful blessing, and must be given to the person (Husband/wife) who know and deserve its worth, not one randy, horny, sex demon possessed guy/lady thereby contracting demons, as sex is far more spiritual than physical it is a covenant, mark my word any guy who tells you to sleep with him to proof your love is a demon in human flesh, I know you must have met people who puts you down I experienced same in school (Secondary and University) infact I grew up in warri, and you can imagine, well those who tend to mock you are secretly pained and wishing they were like you, and your presence seem to make them uncomfortable, babe my final advise to you is please go on your knees, talk to GOD to send make your Husband to locate you, HE Is founder and originator of marriage, and not Hollywood or nollywood, plywood or anywood, it is important if you’ve come this far don’t just waste this on just anybody, all things worketh together for Good to Them that LOVE GOD, and to them that are CALLED according to HIS Purpose, keep the firing on sister you can make it be. Another star and light in this dark world and age, GOD Bless you, I expect people to talk rubbish, it is just like the when madness becomes a norm so expect it

  7. I was hurrying to my car park when Ai typed that short note, let me tell you something, you are a different breed, heavens best. God won’t waste a second answering your prayers because your body (which is His temple has been kept pure ), lust of the flesh has destroyed this generation so much that they have graduated from fornication to sodomy and now changing sexes. I am proud of what you have done (talk less of God). Don’t mind devilish agents trying to pull you down. If I am you, I will guard my virginity with all my life. Only one special God anointed man is worthy of that treasure. Like someone said,they envy you because they can’t have what you have. Don’t mind them, they are the ones that should feel ashamed not you.

  8. You should thank God for granting you self control up till now. Keep your virginity till you have signed the dotted line, otherwise you will regret your action. It is well with you.

  9. If tbis story is true, I want to heartily congratulate you! God says no sex before marriage. Please, obey God. If you do, you already lay the foundation for generational blessings. Do not join the ungodly crowd and it shall remain well with you in Jesus name.

  10. Keep it up. When the right person comes, he will appreciate you.
    Perhaps what helps you to this time was your upbringing, now that you are matured always asked for God’s grace to continue (salvation experience if not).
    Wait for the right time so that you can proudly tell others in the future that you were among the “beloved” whom the Lord helps to keep their chastity before marriage and you will be an encouragement and living example to the younger ones.

  11. Dear sister, you had better thank God for send those two men (PIGs) away from you and treasure what god has helped you to preserve so far. It is not easy to come by this end time. You don’t give a pearl(Gold) to a PIG, for he will trample it under feet and then come against you, those men are like Pig, they do not deserve you and that is why God send them away from you. Also, never thing you are the only Virgin around, we still have many daughters of Zion around who are Virgins, even this days. So if you loose yours there you see several others staying virgin until they get married, so don’t be deceived. Be encouraged. “Let him that has an ear hear what the spirit is saying to the church”

  12. Thou art a virtuous lady. Your parents are blessed. Your honor, worth & value shall evergreen in the eyes of your husband to be. Hold & keep what you have till the right God sent man come your way. Many girls, ladies have wasted their virginity & looking for other virgins to derail. The other many players want make u feel strange. They are spoilers too. In their quiet & secret moments, they truly wish they are like you.
    Kudos & keep yourself. Two of my sisters married as virgins at 38 & 28 respectively. You are not alone. DO NOT JOIN THE WASTED.

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