NNPC filling stations will sell Fuel for less than N145- FG

In the wake of the recent price hike of petroleum products in the country, the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA ) has directed that the NNPC filling stations are to sell fuel for lower than the N145 recommended price.


The statement reads:

“Statutorily enshrined in the PPPRA Act No 8, 2003, is the responsibility to moderate pricing for the Industry. In performing this role, the PPPRA commenced a petroleum products price modulation framework on the 1st of January, 2016, with the aim of ensuring a ‘fit-for-all’ approach that seeks to serve the interest of the Nigerian consumers, marketers and the economy,” the statement read.

“In furtherance of its mandate to ensure the efficient supply and distribution of petroleum products, the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency, (PPPRA), hereby announces, effective immediately that the new price band for PMS shall be at a maximum of N145/litre.

“However, NNPC retail stations on the outskirts of major cities are advised to sell at price lower than N145/litre. This was contained in a statement signed by Sotonye Iyoyo, acting executive secretary of the PPPRA.

“PPPRA is conscious of the difficulties that Nigerians have been going through in the last few months and to ameliorate this situation, we shall continue to modulate pricing in accordance with prevailing market dynamics thereby ensuring fair value to all citizens.”



  1. Honestly this is good,we deserve this for being gullible,i’ve said it that if this government stays for two years,the masses would forcefully trek to aso rock and chase him and all his dumb executives away from that useless place

  2. NNPC filling stations should sell at the recommended price. Profit made by NNPC as a result should be used to improve our infrastructure, like roads and power. Price discrimination will lead to hoarding.

  3. Buhari promise Nigerians that pms will drop from #87 to #40 now fuel is saling at #250 black mkt Government price #145, he promised to make 1$ to #1 now dollar have gone up to #350 to 1$, look at d issue of power and unemployment, pls mr president what is happening we need answers abegi……..

  4. Please let’s remain calm and learn how to bear the situation comedy or whatever we call it. We voted for change and here it comes either good or bad we are bound to take it like that for now after all its what we voted for. At present I think, what we “Nigerians” should take more importantly is how to move the country forward which always needs a collective effort. We all have a role to play in order to improve the present economic woes and if we could put this into consideration I bet you Nigeria would always retain her super status at the regional level and that is our pride

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