You are making mockery of yourself by attacking Buhari – PDP group advises Fayose

A group under the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, known as the Concerned PDP Stakeholders, has charge Ekiti State governor, Ayodele Fayose to bring to an abrupt end his attacks on President Muhammadu Buhari’s policies.


This is contained in a statement issued by its patron, Prof. T Akinyemi , where he noted that by repeatedly condemning President Buhari policies, Fayose was making mockery of himself because the President had good intentions for Nigeria.

The group, however, noted it supported Fayose’s views on what should be the position of old men within the PDP.

The statement reads, “We would like Fayose to stop ridiculing himself in his efforts to attack Buhari.

“Buhari has good intentions and he is a man we all respect, irrespective of his political affiliation.

“Moreover, the office of the President deserves the respect of all Nigerians. God is the one who puts people in power.

“We condemn Fayose’s unguided, repeated attacks on Buhari. It is better to keep shut if you have nothing to say.”

The group also demanded that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, probe the governorship candidate of the PDP in Lagos State, Jimi Agbaje, over reported diversion of government funds for campaign purpose.

The group called for the dissolution of the present Board of Trustees of the party, while positing that only Senator Bode Olajumoke was credible enough to lead South-west PDP.



  1. Everything in Nigeria is God,if you become president it’s God,If you steal money it’s God!!!thats why we can’t go forward in that town coz of calling God’s name in vain,bloody hypocrites…

  2. Truth must prevail …may the almighty GOD bless you and your generation …no matter how high liar fly…the truth will meet up and overtake it one day…we shall see where all this liar and conspiracy will take us to…..I want all of you to mark my word ….the days of all this corruption and fake change of a thing is numbered….. Buhari buhari buhari…how many times did I call you three times….put on your thinking cap in a right position… So that you will not end up in a very disastrous way physically and politically….those sycophants around you are the same men that lead Abacha to great beyond…and the same men turned against Abacha and his family today….hmmmmmm my elder state man and the great man of the 80ths….an attack to a leader is not a sin to help him move in a right direction….a word is enough for the wise.

  3. Don’t mind apc,they’re saying wht we read now not pdp,they kw how to use media against opposition,their days are numbered buhari ve nothing to offer nigerians rather than disunity,hunger&all kinds of hardship,the office of the president was highly abused by apc members,their wives,kids under gej govt,fayose go on by reminding them their promises to nigerians they’ve failed to keep, u’ve said nothing wrong&God will cont to bless u the people’s governor.

  4. Hmnnnn @Truth Must Prevail. What ever anyone may say about Tinubu dragging south-west to install Buhari may be correct, but we must also not forget that GEJ did not also do well enough to assuage the fray nerves in the south west couple with fact that south west has never been known to be in ruing government.It has always be in opposition. Having said that, those who installed him- from south-west, south east, north west safe(Fulani’s) North east and even north central must be counting their losses/regretting it by now. Fayose remains the only fearless PDP man standing, all his criticisms are always on point. For some self serving individual never heard of before but looking for attention by asking Fayose to stop attacking Buhari’s policies is criminal. Oshomole have said worst things under GEJ, APC applauded him he was not charge for any crime, why should Fayose’s case be so different? It high time some one tell those APC in PDP skin to defend the masses of this country or keep quiet for life. Fayose has done nothing wrong, he is an opposition figure in an opposition party. His utterances is to keep the activity of the Government of the day in check for the benefit of common man. So love him or you hate him, He’s the only Lion in the Jungle

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