See What Wicked Woman Did to This Little House-maid in Bayelsa … see Photos

A heartless woman has nearly blinded the eyes of her househelp leaving her severely injured after giving her the beating of her life.  A heartless woman has landed in trouble after she brutalized her housemaid. The little girl was merciless beaten to stupor and her eyes nearly blinded.

Beating-Girl Beating-Girl-1

The wicked madam beat her to the extent neighbours had to intervene to save the little girl’s life. The incident allegedly took place in Bayelsa State. The woman begs after she was caught by angry residents

Angry residents after seeing what the woman did to the little house-girl, descended on her and the madam before inviting police to arrest her. She begged for pardon as she said it was not her plan to injure the little girl.



  1. Police, please, let her face the law and convince the court the small girl is a goat not human being. People like her deserves to spend terms behind the bar.

  2. Imagine slavery in 2016,is an under age person supposed to be working in the first place?and we complain of racism in Europe,see black on black slavery!!!only God can help us in Nigeria.

  3. This woman needs to be punished for traumatizing a young child that way, I pray to God that she may find refuge in him to forgive her in order Him to help her to release the wicked out of her, but furthermore i think that she needs to be dealt with by the authorities. NO child God has granted to this earth needs to be bullied by the devils wicked ways #PrayforForgiveness

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