Man pours kerosene on his own daughter & sets her on fire … more photos

According to the victim, Elomachukwu Agbara, her father, Ifeanyi Agbara, poured kerosene on her and lit her up for not coming home on time from her tailor’s place.

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Asked why he set her on fire, Ifeanyi said “She had been out of the house and we asked her to come inside the house, she refused. So we poured Kerosene on her and that was it. It was when she wanted to run away. Nobody used matches on her, it was a lighter” – he said



  1. Wickedness of the highest order. Actually he was mad true true,your own daughter if she is other person’s you will kill her.

  2. The man should Be subjected to psychiatry clerking and be committed to an asylum for severe mental illness

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