Shocking!!! Ronke Shonde’s Death was not Caused by the ‘Marks of Violence’ Found on Her Body – Autopsy Report reveals

The report of the autopsy carried out on the late Ronke Shonde is finally out and reveals that the deceased did not die because of the marks found on her body.


According to reports from Punch…That the result, which was still sketchy, showed that the cause of the death might be more complex than earlier thought.

A source on Tuesday said the report was still being compiled, adding that only a phase had been completed.

He said, “As of now, the report showed that the marks of violence on the victim have nothing to do with her death. Other areas are still being explored. The actual thing that killed her has not been stated.

The Lagos State University Teaching Hospital only began an autopsy on the late Shonde a week after her death, after her husband surrendered himself to the police.

Meanwhile, there is a new twist to the story. The management of Learn Africa, the company where Ronke Shonde and her alleged Lover Kayode worked, claims that the duo had left the firm before the tragic incident.

Recall that Kayode, who worked as the General Manager of the firm was accused of going on trips with her while having an affair, but the GM denied the claims, insisting that their relationship was purely professional. You can read it up here.

Now, the management of the publishing firm claims that both Shonde and Kayode left since March.

According to the reports: A statement from the company on Tuesday, said both Ronke and Kayode left the employ of the organisation on the 8th and 10th of March 2016, respectively.

The statement read in part, “Late Mrs. Ronke Shonde and Mr. Kayode Oluokun were former employees of Learn Africa Plc. However, as of the time of Mrs. Shonde’s death, they had ceased to be workers of Learn Africa Plc since the 8th and 10th of March 2016, respectively.

“During the period of their employment, the management is not in a position to confirm or deny the existence of a relationship between these former employees in any other capacity other than as colleagues.”

Speaking on the latest developments, the Police Public Relations Officer, SP Dolapo Badmos, confirmed that the police have not received the report.

“I just spoke with the people in charge now and they said the result is not complete yet,” Badmos said, adding, “I will advise we exercise patience and caution. The police are also monitoring the case and we intend to get the report soon. This will be disclosed to the public.”



  1. We need to behave measured in our comment. It those not matter whether u are dead or alive. Blood do speake a lot through the autopsy the cause of death can be known any way. I rest my case

  2. Damn @ Olodo Moses…. Do u personally understand d mathematics u have spoken???? Mmmhhhh go back to school bro….. Dis comment is a brain pollutant and can damage a readers eyesight..: lol

  3. please try indigenous means, perhaps thunderbolt ( ‘magun’) was placed on her. science might not recognize this alternative-traditional means of combating crime. But it has been there from time immemorial, this is Africa. Even other parts of the world (advanced countries) do have their own devise of investigation,in a situation like this. No insinuation please, ‘am just thinking loud.

  4. Instead of this news media to stop speculating and wait till a concluded autopsy result is released,they are just reporting rubbish!9ja sha!we can’t change…

  5. Autopsy is not yet out, what we have seen is a leaked information which can not be verified.

    Failure t proof cause of death will automatically discharge and acquit the Shonde of a man.

    I said it before now we shouldn’t jump into conclusion anything ha happened to the lady either heating her head against the floor during garagara with man which the man may have left home out of anger to avoid beating her.

  6. I smell rat at the steps taken. They want to free the man. Marks of violence did nt kill the Lady, then marks of love killed her. We are playing God. Why not let the murderer on bail and let him go from there. Someone died at scene of violence and you said the imparted violence did nt contribute to her death, then romance did. These games gave that agboro the gots to manhandle and kill this Lady because he feels his family has all it takes to protect him. God dey! Allah let ur mercy come upon her family and avenge for them. Heal the wounds the Father of the fatherless.

  7. They should investigate the nanny very well. She could have choked her. What’s the relationship between the nanny and nanny was it cordial? Does nanny have any relationship with Shonde? They should ask the kids and neighbours a few questions. light violence can’t result to death except she was sick before.

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