I regret trekking from Lagos to Abuja for Buhari, says Hashimu Suleiman

Hashimu Suleiman, the man who trekked from Lagos to Abuja in celebration of President Muhammadu Buhari’s victory in 2015 presidential election has described his action as a big mistake.

Suleiman said he regretted trekking for Buhari who has now made life unbearable for the masses.

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The man expressed his dissatisfaction with the way the president has been ruling Nigeria in the last one year.

He was quoted as saying, “Removing fuel subsidy at this hard time is not palatable to hear, when so many workers and labourers can hardly put food on their table, many companies have folded up, and cost of living is very high.

“Nigerians have been hoping for a positive change for a very long time, enduring hardship and now the Federal government wants to make things worse for the masses.”



  1. President Buhari should let Nigerian knows that he’s not the messiah , instead he made promises in which he can never fulfill in his tenure

  2. I don’t seem to understand Nigerian. All these unnecessary impatient we are exhibiting. Can’t we have patient for once. If somebody promised change, wait patiently for the duration of his tenure before judging him. Nigerian are faithless nation. We don’t faith in anything, we always see negative in every thing.

  3. If you are saying wait till he finishes his tenure,bros by then a lot of people would hv died of hardship and penury.
    Companies has layed off more than 30 thousand staff and still ongoing.Foreign coys has gone ,things are getting more bad and as an individual you don’t have money to take care of urself and family,things are costly and someone is saying give mr president four years b4 we complain. Wake up from slumber bcos we all made the wrong choice.Nothing to cover up now bcos is already clear even to the unborn baby.
    Then people were saying then even na Nepa bill Buhari had,he should bring we will vote for him.forgetting that knowledge is power and d world are changing bcos of education.We all know how it was then.God help Nigerian masses bcos our leadership is hurting.

  4. Adelove I do not know why you promote persons that are not important; who only want to be noticed. If Nigeria imports fuel for use, how much should they sell it? Every one knows the cost of Dollar today. Funds already siphoned by past Govts. and nothing left with which to work; in other words, where does fuel subsidy comes from? We all have to face reality. If it will take all to go into Agriculture in order to keep body and soul together, let us do so and not rely on oil alone. When many people go into Subsistence farming, fisheries, piggery-Animal husbandry, there would be basic foods for the table.

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