Why my government started at a slow pace – Buhari explains

President Muhammadu Buhari yesterday explained why his administration took off on a slow note.

Speaking during an interview at the Presidential Villa in Abuja, the President said his predecessor, ex-President Goodluck Jonathan ordered each ministry to prepare handing over notes and then brief him but they refused at the last minute, saying he should not be allowed to take over the government before been sworn-in.

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Buhari explained that no proper transition took place, adding that after his inauguration he had to take briefings from two ministries a day in order to make up for lost time.

The President also urged Nigerians to pass a verdict on the performance of his appointed officials so far, as that would afford him the chance to change them.

Buhari said, “I am waiting for the newspapers to tell me the performance of my ministers and whether I should make changes.”

Reacting to the issue of the 2016 budget padding, the President said though he had been in public life since 1975, he never heard of budget padding until he saw the Minister of Health, Prof Isaac Adeoye on television defending his budget before a National Assembly committee.

He said, “I went to the National Assembly and bowed and delivered the budget but I did not know that what I delivered was a shell. They removed what they wanted and added other things.”

He added that he refused to assent the passed budget by the National Assembly because all through his life, he has never signed anything that he did not understand.



  1. Buhari dont u have an adviser, y have u always insult ur self in public. Pls for God sake stop talking for any time u open ur mouth rubbish and foolishnes r behold

  2. The headline does not ADEQUATELY reflect the content of this article

    He is talking about being slowed down by saboteurs, not being deliberately slow!

    The reason a wealthy Nation as Nigeria seem to not have enough to cascade down to all the citizen is because “the ‘winners’ take it all” THEY see themselves as economic lions and every other person not in their caucus, as economic rabbits!

    Those who TRULY and honestly go into politics or government know its a life of sacrifice and headache (ask Madela); its only in Nigeria that people will do anything to get into position of power (not for the service but to ‘service’ their own bank accounts.


  3. Not that I’m impressed with his performance so far, but I think we got the better of the options placed before us. We must make concerted efforts to ensure that our political parties produces credible and proven leaders that will move our leaders forward. We really do not stand to benefit anything from insulting our leaders. They are who they are, it is for us to ensure that our system do not produce old, chicken-livered, unfocussed, clueless and vision-less leaders for us to choose from. God bless Naija!

  4. PMB is NOT an Economist. He a Discipline Soldier, that know right from left. He can NOT make Nigeria grow or develop. Buhari does NOT know what it takes to govern a nation.
    He spent more than $1m for each time he traveled out of the country, for more than 30-times in 11-months. Now, fuel is #145/liter. Who is fooling who ???

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