Governor Amosun arrests couple for dumping refuse on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway

Ogun State Governor Ibikunle Amosun on Sunday said he apprehended a couple for dumping refuse on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway and handed them over to the police for prosecution.

Amosun made this known during the 2016 Democracy Day event organised by the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights, held at the June 12 Cultural Centre, Abeokuta‎.

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He said the couple was caught while offloading the garbage from the booth of their Lexus SUV on their way to church.

“I was coming from Lagos to Abeokuta, when I saw this Lexus Jeep parked on the highway,” he said while giving details of the incident.

“The car was conveying the couple and their children to church. I thought the car had a fault, but I found out that the booth was opened. On moving closer, I was shocked to see the husband, a well-read man, removing out heap of refuse from the booth and dumping it on the highway, on their way to church, an indication that that had been their stock in trade.

“As soon as my convoy stopped, the couple took off, and I ordered my security to pursue them, they were pursued to Ojota in Lagos before they were arrested. As I am talking to you now, the suspect is in Ibara Police Station here in Abeokuta and would be taken to court on Tuesday (today).”



  1. I think Amosun will have to do more to apprehend more culprits on the highways. Are there adequate provisions made for refuse dumps and where they are available, government neglect such places to constitute an l sore. I beg make you free the poor man.

  2. If there are no refuse dumps nor landfills nor public reorientation programmes on environmental sustainability then the governor should by the same vicarious token park this convoy, arrest himself or the relevant commissioner. Or else this commendable bravado will concatenate to an executive fiasco

  3. His excellency you should have asked the man why he was dumping refuse there after apprehending him,after all you said he’s well-read and obviously upper-class like you before detaining him in the police station(which,by the way,is a gross abuse of his fundamental human rights and non-commensurate with the offense committed);if found guilty of any offense he should have been fined reasonably as a deterrent to a future occurrence or better still warned to desist fro such actions in future without being fined..absolute power corrupts;you’re the governor today but only God knows tomorrow so exercise power with caution,respect and love cos you can’t dance forever..he might have even cast one of the votes that got you elected-you never know

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