This Amazing Throwback Photo of General Babangida and Sani Abacha will Surprise You!

A major throwback photo of General Ibrahim Babangida together with the late head of state, Sani Abacha, has surfaced online and is making the rounds on social media.

IBB - Abacha

Pictured above is General Ibrahim Babangida during his administration with his course-mate and then Chief of Defence Staff, General Mohammed Sani Abacha. Seeing these two legendary Nigerians in the same photo is enough to stir up some interest but seeing them hold hands is something else.

Nigerians on social media have expressed surprise that these two generals even decided to hold hands right in public in an unbridled display of friendship



  1. See handsome guys…I dey jealous their appearance, even their marching order go show you say dem be correct generals.

  2. I love this…..sweet memories! IBB is still sick, I hope he get well soon! These are the baddest military officers ever liveth…#respect to them#

  3. That was when they were not just in government but in power. Today that power has left them and they have also left power. It’s a big lesson to those in power. Soon it will be yesteryears…

  4. Thieves, the destruction of Nigeria started with IBB. Abacha came in only to fulfill ego, he had no plans. They never respected us, they felt Nigeria was their personal property.
    Abacha killed Kudirat, killed Rewane, killed Ken Saro Wiwa for genuine agitation, killed his Attorney General’s son(Onagoruwa), he attempted Abraham Adesanya. He stole alone. May he rot in hell!!
    IBB killed his bestman, Vatsa and killed some if the finest officers we ever had in the Ejigbo plane crash. He killed so many people silently. May he suffer before his condemnation to hell!!! He chop with many and legalised corruption.

  5. The ONLY thing is IBB is difficult to trust. But, believe me, He is ONE of those Political and Economic Intelligence Genius that can make Nigeria GREAT in 6-months, if TRULY he want to??? IBB understand economy than Buhari and OBJ. Jonathan is Worst. Abacha is Devil.
    But, IBB is smart and intelligent, but he is very difficult to trust.

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