Controversy as Henrietta Kosoko’s Lagos Burial Cancelled

The Funeral service for late Henrietta Kosoko slated for Regina Mundi,Mushin,Lagos has been cancelled. Not only that,her remains will also not be interred at Atan Cemetery,Yaba,Lagos as earlier released by the burial committee.


According to one of the members of the committee who spoke to under the condition of anonymity, the reason for the cancellation of the Lagos funeral arrangement was not unconnected with the fact that the Henrietta’s family from Delta state insisted that their daughter must not be buried outside.

“It’s true that Henrietta’s remains will no longer be buried in Lagos. Her siblings and other members of her family have insisted they’re not burying her in Lagos as earlier planned by Jide Kosoko.

‘Henrietta is Urhobo woman from Delta state, where they cherish their culture. Jide Kosoko didn’t go to her family house in Delta to pay her dowry,’ the source said.

This decision however didn’t go down well with Jide Kososko but there is nothing he can do about it



  1. This will be a serious case indeed. Because Urhobos don’t joke with such..Even if u bury the body in London, them go uproot am sharply. no wasting time

  2. Nigerians! wake up!!!! This is the odd time doing this. They should be standing beside the man… and supporting! i tire ooo

  3. Buhari should have assisted this couple properly for marriage before her death. What a President we have! SMBH

  4. In times like these,we must respect our culture and tradition. Jide Kosoko knows the right things to be done, if he is not sure, there are custodians of tradition that he can consult. Three dead wives in his lifetime is sufficient negative publicity already, he shouldn’t make matters worse for himself.

  5. @Vanessa Rowland Adegbite…….
    I understand your direction clearly, it’s possible u’r not in naija @ d moment or somtin of such…… Tradition/Culture should be tolerated, modified and not discarded…. provided it doesn’t involve any killing or the likes….. Recently a Mayor in UK(London borough of harrow’s mayor) responded to a letter written to a certain school in UK by Islamic parents that they should abolish the sales/consumption of PORK in their school canteens ….. guess what response they(islamic parents) got….. “UK cherish their tradition and Culture, and will never change it for anything not even for their Muslim pupils…. I quote ” the british are not ready to give up their identity, culture, if they(islamic parents) are uncomfortable with it, there are 57 beautiful Muslim underpopulated countries in the world for them to go and freely practice their belief…..

    My sincere apologies to my Muslim brothers and sisters for quoting your belief here, im just trying the best Lil way I can to tell Vanessa that we should accommodate/respect each other, irrespective of out religion/culture/traditions (provided is not barbaric)

  6. Jide paid dowry but the payment and engagement processes did not take place in Delta state. Late Henrietter has family (uncles, nieces, cousins etc) in Lagos.

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