I have no property or accounts outside Nigeria – Goodluck Jonathan debunks newspaper report

Former President, Goodluck Jonathan has denied owning a £15m property in the United Kingdom and demanded a retraction from the UK SUN over an article by its former Editor, Kelvin Mackenzie, alleging in his Saturday column that the ex-Nigerian leader had bought the property in Surrey.

He had written, “I hear the aptly named Goodluck Jonathan, the former President of oil-rich Nigeria, has bought a 12,000 square foot house on the ultra-expensive and well protected St George’s Hill estate in Weybridge, Surrey.

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“I’m sure he gained his wealth legitimately but these houses are £10-£15million a pop, so, perhaps the ex-President could explain where his money came from as he has been at the forefront of the fight against his country’s corruption. Surely, it can’t all have been good luck.”

But reacting in a statement issued by his media aide, Mr. Ikechukwu Eze, Jonathan denied the report, insisting that he does not have any property or accounts outside Nigeria.

The statement readS in part, “Nothing could be further from the truth. Dr. Goodluck Jonathan takes pride in the fact that he does not have any property or accounts outside Nigeria. He stated this publicly while in office and his commitment to Nigeria’s economy remains total even after he left power.

“As the Nigerian President who signed the Freedom of Information bill into law, Dr. Jonathan is well aware that the United Kingdom is a nation with good record keeping at county and national levels and as such, it will not take a serious and responsible media long to verify ownership of property before rushing to the press with potentially libellous publications.

“It is hoped that this publication will correct its error and do a retraction and that other media will likewise follow up on this story to put the lie to the details it contains.”



  1. This insensitive people are still witch-hunting when all hands ought to be on deck. A whole year has gone and they are still on this corruption saga.

  2. Gej sir, no weapon formed against you shall proper. If they come in one way, they will flee in seven direction. Enjoy your freedom sir.

  3. When media Houses need to increase sales and generate revenue, they peddle half truths and lies. We must be careful with what we soak up and try to discern. Too many ridiculous stories out there.

  4. The reason why people’s salaries are not paid in most state of Nigeria is purely lack of managing the nations resources in the past, not that Nigeria lacks wealth in any form; name it we’ve got it all, human resources, mineral resources etc.
    my point is, now, the current politicians are seeing and hearing the NEW MESSAGE that it is no more heartless ‘business of stealing as usual’ and over time, our ‘reservoir of funds’ will gauge well and the national cake can get to everyone (and BVN arrived at the right time too, because I trust Nigerians will still find how to cut corners).

    Honestly, we need this to happen………….the families who’s children have been kidnapped for ransom or shot on the road by armed robbers snatching cars have felt more pain (caused by poor leadership) than all this multi-billionaire politicians complaining that they are being witch-hunted.
    No one is a sacred cow……….just answer to Nigerians and if you can prove yourself innocent, you come out shinning at the end of the exercise, period.

    This is just what needs to be done right now for Nigeria to move forward, abeg.

  5. Ofcourse, he can deny it but that does not make not to be true, knowing he could use a surrogate. My worry is that when the chips are down and nobody comes forward to claim the property, it is the UK govt. and its citizens that will benefit because it could just take over the property depriving Nigeria and hapless Nigerians the benefit of our several millions of pound sterling used to purchase the property. So it is convenient for him to deny but we Nigerians would have lost a lot.

  6. Goodluck Jonathan is an unintelligent buffoon. Unfortunately, he will remain a bloody and clueless buffoon for life. Shameless criminal!

  7. His major problem was that he encouraged people serving under him to grossly misappropriate public funds, or should I say he directed them to lavish public resources to fund his political ambition. Where he didn’t partake in the corrupt practices he never demanded accountability from his subjects giving them a free ride to steal. Jail is where he belongs!

  8. If it took this news media more than a whole year before this publication,it must have done its home work,the allegation has been made, the onus is on Jonathan to proof his innocence,period.

  9. Hmmm. GEJ this sounds too sweet to believe, when all these misappropriations are done under your watch. Time will surely tell

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