See the Irresistible S*x Position of the Day (Photo)

Sure, you might have tried some usual moves, but you need to switch things up every once in a while to try something new today.

leg hug
S*x positions are simply all about moving your bodies in different modes until you find what works. Sure, you might have some tried and trued moves, but you need to switch things up every once in awhile.

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The s*x position for today is; The Leg Hugger.

How it’s done

You both lie on your side, facing each other, but instead of face to face, she turns the other way so she is facing your legs and he is facing hers. He then adjusts himself so she can wrap her legs around his pelvis. She grabs on to his legs, he grabs her butt and enters her.

Why it’s hot

First, trying something new is always exciting. This position also gives her a different angle to feel his p*nis which she might come to really enjoy. The move also puts him in prime position for a little butt-play and anal massage if you are into it. Plus, he enjoys the doggy style s*x thrill without the added effort.



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