Shocking! Man R*pes Neigbour’s 11-year-old Child While Daughter Watched

A heartless 39-year-old man has been handed a jail sentence after he brutally r*ped a neighbour’s child while his daughter watched.

A shocking incident has left an 11-year-old girl traumatized after she was brutally r*ped by a 39-year-old man while the daughter watched. The incident happened in Zimbabwe.

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According to reports, the randy man has been sentenced to 28 years behind bars for sexually abusing his neighbour’s 11-year-old child while his biological daughter watched.

The man identified as James Chilangwe, 39, from Triangle faced two counts of r*pe when he appeared before regional magistrate Judith Zuyu.

Prosecutor Liberty Hove told the court that on January 26 this year, and at around 1800 hours, the victim went to Chilangwe’s place to play with his daughter.

Chilangwe came out of the house and dragged the girl to his bedroom as she was about going home. He r*ped her on his bed once and allowed her to go after threatening to kill her if she tells anybody.

It didn’t end there, on February 2 when the minor again went to play with Chilangwe’s daughter at his homestead, this time with another friend from the neighbourhood.

According to the prosecutor, Chilangwe again called the minor to his bedroom. This attracted the interest of his daughter who peeped through a window opening and saw her father raping the minor.

The daughter reported the incident to her mother revealing everything she had seen. The woman later reported to the police, leading to the husband’s arrested.

James Chilangwe has been sentenced to 28 years in prison with five years of the sentence suspended on conditions.



    • Exactly my thoughts, why would she continue to go back to the house ?
      And during the forceful penetration, why didn’t she shout ?
      It’s baffling what we see these days

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