1. All citizen are witness about how this fayose making indiscipline comment on Buhari, his selfish party(pdp)members never say anything to control his dirty mouth,but now shamelessly they start talking rubbish bcos of his account is frozen, the account which he used to stoled and hide govt money. For your information pdp will never back to power again bcos it is a looters party.

  2. So if police arrest a murderer, it is Buhari again, abi?

    EFCC has nothing to do with the presidenti,

    Let us stop this myopic disposition of “leaving leprosy to treat ringworm”

  3. Idiots looters PEOPLE DESTROYER PARTY (PDP). Dumb thieves what law or constitution joins Buhari to the EFCC? EFCC is Antigraft and independent. Even Buhari’s account can be frozen if EFCC knows it’s right and obligations. Every suspicious movement of money should be investigated to save Nigeria from bankruptcy. We’ve had enough of your looting face the EFCC leave Buhari alone to do his mandatory job.

  4. Wen fayose is doing his own, his behaven like no parents all, no respect for elderly person and talking jagans he don’t know dat d repercussions is coming and Mr stupid man go an die.

  5. We dont expect any reasonable response from PDP. Birds of d same feather. All of you will sing to EFCC, na turn by turn. All in d name of immunity, dey want to milk nigerian dry, posterity wl judge all of you ijn amen

  6. Do “PEOPLE DECEIVE PEOPLE” think they can fool Nigerians for ever? NO. Stop crying wolf when there is none. One by one you will be called to vomit what you have stolen. Why is there no dollar in govt’s coffer, is it not bcos you have stolen it to run election? The poor masses are now suffering for your greed and stealing. Pdp is gone for ever so away for thieves and pen robbers

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