Segregation: SEE sad photo of a 19-month-old black child made to sit alone in class in SA

This is so sad! The school is located at Heritage Hill Estate, Centurion, South Africa. According to SA twitter, some parents withdrew their children from the school yesterday after the photo went viral.


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  1. Why is everyone so surprised?? When black South Africans set other black Africans on fire, ALIVE, in the name of being xenophobic.
    This kind of treatment from white to d black kid is quite nice. My belive is that a black South African would have killed non South African Black kid during the attack.
    The whites they worship, obviously ain’t reciprocating same gesture.

  2. Just hope this will serve as an eye opener to so many wannabes in Africa who go about trying to copy everything western and having the erroneous believe they are better than others
    As can be clearly seen here, these people hold you with the utmost contempt and has no aota of respect in anything about Africans
    This is food for thought for all you “Uncle Tom” and aunti “being to” out there creating good fun for the westerners

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