Hell Breaks Loose as Man Returns Home to Discover ‘Fresh’ Semen on His Wife’s Towel

A man has been shocked to discover semen on his wife’s towel even though he had not had s*x with her for a while.

Man beats wife
The man identified as Richard Sithole from Bulawayo, a Zimbabwean town, allegedly found semen on his wife, Martha Mutandaguta’s towel and lost his cool then seriously beat her up.

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According to reports, Sithole bashed his wife because he suspected that she had engaged in adultery.

Consequently, the woman had charged him to court.

The 46-year-old Richard Sithole yesterday pleaded guilty to a physical abuse charge before Western Commonage magistrate Mr Steven Ndlovu.

The magistrate fined Sithole $100 or six months in jail.

Speaking about the incident, Sithole said when he arrived home from work on the fateful day, his wife was on the phone calling the person at the other end “sweetie.”

“She was startled when she saw me. She threw my body towel that she was holding on the floor. I picked it up but realised that it was wet.

I looked closely at it and saw that it contained some slimy white substance that was evidently semen” said Sithole. “We had not had s*x for some months so where did the semen come from?”

He said he fought hard to remain calm.

“After seeing me, she went to take a bath. I instructed our maid to go and lock the gate. My wife then immediately rushed out of the bathroom and sent the maid to buy airtime.

This was when I confronted her about my suspicions. She gave me vague answers. I lost my temper and hit her hard.”

Prosecuting, Mrs Sibekithemba Dube said Sithole hit his n*ked wife who was coming from taking a bath causing her to sustain a swollen forehead and bruises on her back.

In passing judgment, Mr Ndlovu said violence is never a solution to problems.

“You should have tried engaging a third party to solve your problem. Anger should not be used as an excuse to commit an offence. You are lucky she wasn’t hurt badly otherwise you could have landed yourself in prison,” said Mr Ndlovu.



  1. So why was the woman not allowed to accept or deny the allegation? Or was she given a pass mark for the action?

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