1. ok i think i’m getting it from this news post.. Like i said earlier, If i understand what really is happening, he is only being investigated and his bank account has been listed among the evidences of the investigation which requires them securing it! Since he is not being prosecuted yet which is virtually impossible for an incumbent/sitting governor, and is just an investigation process, his account will be released to him after the whole exercise.

  2. Buhari’s Government is setting a lot of very bad precedents and hardly follow the Rule of Law. Why freeze his account when you can’t prosecute him because of his immunity as a Governor?

    • Onu P,
      It should be noted that EFCC is an independent body that deals with looters of public funds, PMB is not in anyway involved in this.
      It has been reiterated by Nnaemeka that investigation is incomplete. De-freezing the account NOW, will interfere with on-going investigation. It is clear that immunity clause enshrined in our constitution, has not been violated by EFCC in anyway.
      Let EFCC complete their investigation and keep records of findings before de-freezing the account; it will aid the arrest of the accused when his immunity expires.

  3. Just Negodi!! This is not the era of democracy. They should have waited until the end of his tenure. Lawless government. SMH

  4. This case scenario is a huge mockery to that part of our constitution that confers immunity to the governors
    If you have immunity against being taken to court,what business then do you have going to court for whatever reason
    In this very case the court can rule in favour of Fayose or against him,with regard to his frozen account
    In the event where the court rules in favour of EFCC,one will reasonably want ask;Where is the immunity that shields Fayose from the courts ?
    The whole melodrama playing out here typifies a classic parody
    It’s a big joke

  5. Instead of fayose to remove all his monies from the said account since he was simply looking for buharis trouble! He is immune from the constitution but the account in question is in the money trail so it will be frozen until the case is closed.

  6. Let all this immunity nonsense stop. Embezzlement from another sector is traced to a serving governor, are we to wait for 2 terms, 8 years before investigation can continue?

    If criminals in government enjoy immunity, they can as well wreck havoc and go on exile once the office term is complete.

    Damn immunity.

  7. Digsy, you are on point.your simple abbreviation covers it all. Whoever that is hailing this guy call governor are also a subject of ridicule.investigation does not affect his immunity in any form. If he is not guilty after the investigation, definitely his account shall be actually released to him . Then why is he panicing if there is no other thing attached to this……..

  8. At a time when the nation is bleeding from all sides of its anatomy woe betides any judge who choses the letter of the constitution to emasculate the ascendancy of public good.
    What the legalists extraction of the temple of justice deliberately undermine for commercial gain is that this pristine incursion of efcc into the executive conclave of corrupt enrichment seemingly protected by immunity does not extricate Buhari and his cabinet.
    If Efcc succeeds at the court to retain the right to investigate sitting presidents and governors it is victory for Nigerians that means any suspicion financial entries in Buhari’s account can also be doctored for the purpose of investigation while prosecution can await the pendency of his tenure,what a vestige of proactive stewardship.
    Nigerians should ignore the ranting of Fayose’s lawyers and see efcc’s effort from a patriotic prism.

  9. Pls,don’t let us be biased when passing comments on this Fayose’s case.He has got immunity as a serving governor, his bank account does not.Perhaps, he is still under investigation and not indicted yet.I don’t seems to understand what some people meant by EFCC has got no regards for rule of law.Are we saying EFCC should allow him to be enjoying this money.What about if EFCC is able to prove beyong a reasonable doubt that the money in his account has been stolen from public funds/embezzled?Pls always let all our arguements be more constructive than been political motivated.

  10. People like onu needs to be objective in their comments. Efcc said the money was traced to that specific account, I am sure fayose has more than one account with zenith which were not frozen.

  11. To all those talking abt fayose and his immunity, I am of the opinion that u dnt have better understanding abt “Rule of law”.

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