EFCC launches hunt for properties acquired by Governor Fayose in Dubai, Lagos, Abuja

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is said to have launched a search for Fayose’s houses which he allegedly acquired after he became governor on October 16, 2014.


Already, it was gathered that the investigators had identified six of the properties with purchasing papers that were skilfully prepared to deceive security agencies.

It was gathered that the purchasing papers were yet to be changed, but that those who sold the properties had confided in the EFCC who the real owner of the houses was.

The investigators are working on the theory that the governor might have used his detained bosom friend, Abiodun Agbele, as a front among others.

A source in the EFCC said, “We are closing in on the governor. Immunity does not stop us from investigating any sitting governor or president. And we have no apology to offer for doing our duty.”

Two of the governor’s friends were reportedly interrogated on the properties. They included one Abbey, who was said to have been brought to Abuja from Lagos on Friday.

He was said to have been confronted with the evidence on the various lodgements he allegedly made to banks in the name of the governor.

Another friend of the governor known as Fatai, was said to have allegedly aided the governor in securing his deposits in the bank. He was also said to be “in the know of how the properties were bought.”

It was gathered that the houses would be temporarily seized until the proxies whose names appear on the papers of some of the houses were “able to convince investigators whether the source of the funds used in purchasing the houses were clean.”

The commission was said to have relied on reports given to it by former and current associates of the governor.

Chief among the whistleblowers, it was gathered is a former Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party in the state, Dr. Tope Aluko.

Aluko said that it was true he was invited by the anti-graft agency, adding that the allegations he made against the governor concerning the funding of his campaign were true.

In a prepared statement, Aluko said, “Ayo Fayose was sworn in on October 16, 2015. By January 30, 2015, he made a cash deposit of N145m into De-Private account.

“On on April 18, 2015, he paid cash of N70m to the same account. The N300m deposit paid into account no 9013074033 in April in cash by Abey in Fayose’s name can’t be from the Zenith Bank, but from the Office of the National Security Adviser/Dasuki for presidential damaging and presidential election.

“These funds were used to purchase choice properties in Abuja, Lagos and Dubai through other banks in Ekiti which the EFCC is now working on.

“Ayo Fayose is not ignorant of Money Laundering Act, although he’s relying on his immunity. He should know that any cash payment above N9m for corporate and N5m for individuals is an offence and should be reported to the EFCC.

“The ones discovered or uncovered by the EFCC are different from that of the N2.1bn, $2m and $35m from this same source.”



    • Mr Wale, what do you mean by leave him alone? Someone has acquired properties via fraudulent means and he should be left alone? Na wa oo!
      The same man is unable to pay workers in his state amongst other shameful incompetence displayed by a governor.
      Yes he has immunity; which does not prevent investigation. All proves needs to be documented by efcc, so that wen his immunity expires, he will have the law to contend with.

  1. This not too clever noise maker Fayose thinks he can use one freaky immunity to intimidate the EFCC
    From the look of things,by the time the whole drama ends Fayose will seemingly certainly come out even worse than he did during his first stint as governor
    The bible says; “Save a fool from trouble and be prepared to save him many more times”

    • Well said Sunny, Dodo & Lekan u’ve all spoken well. This time around, Fayose’s end wl be so terrible bcos he’s a miserable governor i’ve ever seen in my life. He wl never go scot free!

  2. Before you know , this Governor would say the money belongs to Fayose but he is Oluwayose and not Fayose. Full stop

  3. if you choose to be a thief, you will be treated as one. Even those hiding under the umbrella of APC. If you are not cought now, you defiantly will be someday.

  4. Hmmmmm, there are lots of lesson to learn from Fayose Saga. Too much of noise making is not too good most especially when your hands are not totally clean. Fayose has finally fall into Buhari traps. Only God can save him now. Poor Governor without wisdom.

  5. Has EFCC gone to assess and estimate the houses of Buratai, the chief of Army staff,
    and ascertain whether he can afford those houses? Good to fight corruption but it should not be selective. Otherwise it becomes witch hunting and it will do this country no good.

    • Bright, are you aware that buratai has been investigated and cleared? For your information; him alone does not own the properties claimed, he invested as being co-owner alongside other investors. It is clear that what he earns, equips him to afford such investment. Furthermore; he is engaged in farming and other businesses, which are his source of multiple streams of income.

  6. Bright, always be positive. Knowing fully that this corruption fight must start from somewhere. However Fayose cause this for himself. If will must blame a thief for stealing yam, we must first of all blame the farmer for planting his yam so close to the road. Because he made it easy for thief to steal his yam. I maintain it again, Fayose cause his own problem. He talk too much. Lo ba tan.

  7. Fayose has no wisdom, i really pitied you and your basket mouth… No Governors or past Governors were clean of this saga…but they bow and kept quiet…but you ….you’re a big foooooool without a single brain.

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