‘To kill any cop in cold blood is cruel’ – Georgina Onuoha reacts to the murder of 5 cops in Dallas

US Based Nigerian actress Georgina Onuoha has shared her thoughts on the sad murders of police officers in Dallas, U.S. Four gunman shot 11 police officers – killing at least five – and may have planted a bombs ‘all over’ downtown Dallas.

Georgina Onuoha

According to Georgina,”Theirs is the most dangerous job in America. They are our first line of defense. To have any one kill them in cold blood is cruel.

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I believe there are bad cops out there killing innocent black men and children for no just cause, but I also believe there are great cops who put their lives on the line to keep us safe in a crazy country where sick people are trigger happy.

I don’t blame the cops nor the black innocent children, I blame a failed justice system, a corrupt Senate that can not pass laws to protect its people and cops because of blood suckers known as NRA.

When you begin to buy semi automatic rifles, and allow open carry, then there is a problem. My heart bleeds for theses innocent cops. May their souls rest in peace.”



  1. We no hear your voice when them kill the black guys first ooo. Anyways, you made some sense in your write-up

  2. Seriously!!!this is really bad,are dey not the same with the cop that killed the black guy.why render their wife and kids….widow and fatherless so soon….I’m feeling so sad right now.

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