Unbelievable! Adekunle Gold Joins the Cast of Empire Season IV (Photo)

Adekunle Gold who has made several headlines for his super-incredible talent in photoshopping, is in the news yet again.


Adekunle Gold Empire

Adekunle Gold Empire1
Adekunle Gold is known around Nigeria for his incredible talent in music but he goes beyond that. The singer is also very popular for his ability to perform wonders with photoshop.

Some days ago, the Sade crooner, photoshopped himself into a picture of Chrissy Teigen feeding her baby and captioned it ‘@ChrissyTeigen feeding our first born’.

He did the same with Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose and each image was actually quite good as it would take a trained eye to spot that there were alterations made.

This time around, the singer has managed to include himself with the cast of the hit TV series, Empire.

Adekunle Gold photoshopped himself into a photo of the prestigious Lyon family along with Hakeem, Jamal, Lucius, Andre and Cookie.

Adekunle Gold managed to insert himself so well into the group photo that he didn’t look out of place in it at all.



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