Video reveals how Obanikoro loaded Airplane with N1.29b for Governor Fayose

According to reports, fresh insights into how a former Minister of Defence, Musiliu Obanikoro allegedly loaded a chartered aircraft with N1, 299, 490b for transfer to Governor Ayodele Fayose through an associate, Abiodun Agbele has been revealed.

fayose and obanikoro

The cash was transferred through HS125-800 5N-BMT belonging to Gyro Air Limited. The first flight was filled with N724.5million cash to the extent that there was no seat for any crew member or the ex-Minister.

It was during the second flight with N494.990m that Obanikoro, his Aide-de-Camp, Lieutenant Colonel A.O Adewale, and crew member joined the trip to Akure Airport.

Records indicated yesterday that for each of the trip, Obanikoro paid $12,500 making a total of $25,000. The EFCC has retrieved the footage details of Obanikoro’s movement at the airport and the flight schedule of the aircraft.

According to fresh evidence obtained by the EFCC, the ex-Minister had defied security gate at the airport in Lagos to move a bullion van to the apron of the chartered wing to off-load the cash.

Although the security men at the airport resisted the use of the security gate, the ex-Minister ordered soldiers to break all barriers for the bullion van to get to the apron.

A reliable source, who spoke in confidence, said: “Contrary to his attacks on EFCC, we have retrieved the footage and details of how he ordered soldiers to break the barriers at the reserved security gate at Lagos Airport for a bullion van to go to the apron of the chartered service wing.

“He defied security men at the airport and refused to subject the bullion van to any screening contrary to aviation rules. In fact, apart from financial crimes, the ex-Minister and his accomplices have outstanding allegations against them for violating aviation safety rules or regulations.

“The aircraft made two shuttles to Akure Airport on June 17, 2014. Our investigation revealed that during the first flight, about N724.5million was offloaded from the bullion into the aircraft. The cash occupied all the space to the extent that there was nowhere to sit by the crew and the ex-Minister.

“But when the balance of N494.990m was loaded into the aircraft for the second trip, Obanikoro, his ADC, one highly-placed person from the South-West, and the crew were able to make the trip.

“Let him continue to make noise in the United States instead of coming home to clear his name. We have interacted with the aviation staff on ground on the said date. We have identified the owner of the aircraft to be a member of the sacked management of Skye Bank Plc.”

Meanwhile, there were indications yesterday that the ex-Minister paid $25,000 for the two flights to Akure at $12,500 each.

Another source confirmed that the aircraft belonged a member of the sacked management of Skye Bank Plc.

“We have evidence of the payment of $25,000 to Gyro Air Limited for the two flights to Akure. And Zenith Bank confirmed how Fayose’s associate, Agbele, brought the cash into its branch in Akure to keep as sundry funds.”

Responding to a question, the source said: “From our findings, the Minister and Fayose fought over N80million missing from the total cash.

“They had a shouting match until reasons prevailed between the two politicians on the whereabouts of the N80million.”

An Investigating Officer of the EFCC, Tosin Owobo during the week opened up at the Federal High Court, Ado-Ekiti on how the N1, 299,490,000.00 was wired into Governor Ayodele Fayose’s accounts by one of his associates, Abiodun Agbele.

Owobo, who swore to an affidavit, said: “That the total sum of N 1, 219,490,000 (One billion, two hundred and nineteen million, four hundred and ninety thousand naira) was conveyed to Akure Airport by Senator Obanikoro through a chartered aircraft with Registration No: HS125-800 5N-BMT belonging to Gyro Air Limited.”

“That on the 17th day of June, 2014, Mr. Alade Oluseye in the company of one Abiodun Agbele a front of the Applicant (Fayose), went to the Akure Airport wherein they took cash delivery of the sum of N724,500,000.00 from Senator Musiliu Obanikoro and his acclaimed Aide-de-Camp Lieutenant Colonel A.O Adewale.

“That on the 18th day of June, 2014, another sum of N494, 990,000 was also delivered to Mr. Alade Oluseye by the said Minister in the same manner.

“ That the total sum of N 1, 219,490,000 (One billion, two hundred and nineteen million, four hundred and ninety thousand naira) was conveyed to Akure Airport by Senator Obanikoro through a chartered aircraft with Registration No: HS125-800 5N-BMT belonging to Gyro Air Limited.”



  1. I beg, buhari no get sponsor. Where did the cash come from. Heaven. Pls economy is in worse state. Pls allow the police do their job while u face governance.

    • When you write, do it with all sense of clarity! If you cannot make sense to other people, I would advise that you keep your comment to yourself! Alagbe, are you telling us that catching criminals and recovering what they stoke from our treasury is not part of governance? Are you not aware that the 2016 budget will be partly funded from money that we recover from the Treasury looters? If you believe that those who sponsored PMB stole from us, I will advise that, by next election, you vote for them and they can also chase the so called sponsors of PMB. Or, are you telling us that these accused people have been wrongly accused? When thieves are caught, they will generally whip up sentiments and point fingers at others, rather than focus on clearing their names, if they are truly innocent.
      My view is, whoever had stolen from us as a people, will one day pay for it!!! Whether it is now or tomorrow.

  2. Me , or whatever your name is… God will bless you front and back … God go bless that finger wey you take type that comment .. You said %150 of what I wanted to say.. As for you Alagbe, no comment!! I’d rather leave you with one line from Fela “That is why black man dey suffer today”. I live in a place where I have personally sued the mayor of my town and won. In a society with people thinking like you , hardly can there be progress and people like you make one feel bad being same countryman as you.

  3. @kunle thumbup, @me u are highly felt, @alagba wetin dey ur mind. E go beta make u speak out or else d thing go worry u for belle. Now is the time, I believe that all will be well during this administration. All we need is perseverance my fellow country men.

  4. Alagba, you mumu no be small but before your mumu associates of kas and Mandy talk about this issue. I will strongly advise them to read the entire story first not the head lines.

  5. Adelove I tire for you o.
    Me de expect to see Obanikoro carry bag of money from bank or putting it on the plane.

  6. Hmmmmmmm……God have mercy on we innocent Nigerians. Can u imagine?! Ah! Musiliu Obanikoro & Fayose are rogues, hooligans etc. They wl never go unpunished in Jesus mighty name! Honestly, i can’t comprehend this @all. Ahhhhhhh!!!!!! PDP has really destroyed this country, is only God Almighty who can redeem Nigeria thru President Buhari. Hnnnmmm still thinking…

  7. My country men and women who are on this platform, I have severally said that the people who have not seen anything good in what the EFCC is doing are enemies of the masses of Nigeria. I also said they are partly partakers of the looted funds. So, would be absurd to expect a treasury looter to applaud the good work of the EFCC. By the way, only the Dasukigate is in focus at the moment. Only God knows what we will hear when the probe of government agencies and ministries begin

  8. Hello Alagba or whatever your name is. Its people like you that corrupt Nigeria. If Jonathan was still in power would all these fraud be revealed. I do not understand the way most Nigerians behave. The president has uncovered massive fraud in the Nigerian system yet most of you still complain he is not doing the right thing. No wonder this country is the way it is. We all need to come together and fight this endemic scourge called corruption in this country.

    • Well said lovelybae. Indeed we all need to come together to fight this monster called CORRUPTION!!! It has really really crippled our economy and stop the country from growing. Enough is Enough!

  9. Alagba or whatever u call urself. U’re talking about PMB fixing the economy, how can he fix it overnight with huge damage PDP had done to crippled our economy which is a massive corruption that has terribly eating deep?! This corruption must be fought to a stand still in order for Nigeria to have another & better foundation to build upon by our present President Muhammadu Buhari. All we need is PATIENCE! Let the corruption fight continues. Enough is Enough!!!

  10. Time they d healer of all wounds. THE TIME IS NOW!..alagba or wat do u call ur self iwo ati gbogbo ebi re yio je ninu ise owo re ati ero okan re…..lobatan

  11. No wonder the stomach infrastructure politics in Ekiti State by Fayose. It was an Hi Tech election rigging that brought Fayose to power.All the aligation that election was rigged with some top military bras is getting clearer now. Long live APC long Nigeria!!!!

  12. Simple statistics from this platform is as clear as the tropical sunshine.Nigerians would deal a deadly blow on Pdp in the next election for bringing this nation to its knees.
    Alagba and his co-jesters will definitely go on exile.

  13. Many things were uncovered, many corruption practice were seen. I will not allow write up by any one to change me. Until those who are involved in any corruption practice are put behind the bar. But I maintain that we should mind what we say until we see the truth.

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