WAEC blacklists 4 Rivers schools for exams malpractice

Four schools in Rivers state have been blacklisted by WAEC for their involvement in Examination malpractice.

According the WAEC Zonal Coordinator in Rivers State, Humphrey Ubaka, who refused to disclose the names of the affected schools said, “Some are private while others are public Schools. That means the schools have been de-listed and their recognition withdrawn as WAEC Centres”.

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Henceforth, Candidates of the West African Examination Council, WAEC, caught engaging in Examination Malpractice will be barred from taking examination for two years as punishment and as a deterrent to others.

The WAEC Zonal Coordinator in Rivers State, Ubaka, disclosed this during the 2016, national stakeholders dialogue and examination malpractice conference in Port Harcourt.

He further disclosed that any candidate caught with any electronic device in the examination hall will have the whole examination papers cancelled.

He said the persistent occurrence of Examination malpractices has brought credibility problem in the certificates acquired in Nigeria in the international community.

“If you are caught with electronic devices like handset or any other device will have the entire result of such candidate cancelled,if you are caught impersonating the result of the affect candidate will cancelled and the impersonator will handed to the Police for prosecution.

That candidate will be barred for two years from taking such examination. If two different hand writings are found in a script, the result will also be cancelled. We will develop as a nation if we continue to go on like this.

The persons will lose confidence in themselves they cannot defend such certificates.” Ubaka said.

Rivers State has been raking very high on the WAEC chart for incidents of examination malpractice due to prevalence of “miracle centres,” where students pay invigilators to allowed freely commit examination malpractice.



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