I have moved on, i don’t dwell on issues – Melaye tells Tinubu

Senator Dino Melaye, Chairman, Senate Committee on the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, All Progressives Congress, APC, Kogi West told the Senate Committee chairman on Women Affairs, Senator Oluremi Tinubu, APC, yesterday that great minds do not dwell on issues, but act and move on.

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According to Senator Melaye, it would amount to waste of time and energy to continue with the action as he has acted and the next thing to do as a great man, would be to move on.

Speaking while responding to Senator Tinubu writing the Acting Inspector General of Police, IGP, Ibrahim Idris, asking for Police protection, Senator Melaye said, ”great minds don’t dwell on issues, they act and move on. I have moved on.”

Following her shouting match with Senator Melaye on Tuesday, July 12, Senator Tinubu yesterday wrote to the acting IGP, saying that her life was no longer safe, just as she alleged that Melaye’s brawl with a colleague when he was in the House of Representatives led to the untimely death of his colleague then.

In a letter dated yesterday, July 18 and received same date by the office of the Inspector General of Police, Senator Tinubu who noted that it was unfair that the leadership of the Senate failed to rebuke Senate Melaye during the executive session when the ‘fight’ ensued.

Senator Tinubu’s letter titled, ‘Request for Police Protection’ read, ”I am Senator Oluremi Tinubu, representing the Lagos Central Senatorial District of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

”During the proceedings of the Senate on Tuesday, July, 14, 2016, I had cause to contribute to a matter of national importance. Apparently dissatisfied with my contributions, Senator Dino Melaye threw caution to the winds, resorted to vulgar abuse of my person and wanted to assault me.

”It was the timely intervention of a number of colleagues which prevented Senator Melaye from unleashing physical attack on me. However, as the leadership of the Senate did not call him to order in the circumstance, he proceeded to threaten my life without any provocation whatsoever.

“In view of Senator Melaye’s antecedent particularly in the House of Representatives where a brawl led to the untimely death of a member, I have decided not to ignore his threat to my life.”



  1. If this statement came from Tinubu when Dino was fooling himself in Lagos it would have been perfect response of maturity but NO, it’s coming from Dino after Tinubu shamefully reported her stupidity to the IG. Now, Dino steals the show. Amongst two blind, the partially seeing one wins. SMH

  2. If Dino Melaye hangs you with a noose, how does that concern me? I wish he will hang you and shut you up forever, right now. You think you can insult him and get away with it? Nah!

  3. I am not a fan of Dino and will never be tomorrow but Mrs. Tinubu should tell herself the truth. If a woman called her husband a dog and thug will he clap for her? Don’t you have securities attached to you as a senator? WE’RE PRODUCTS OF OUR DECISIONS.

  4. I have always said, this Remi loudness will bring Sen Ahmed Tinubu down, soonest. U call someone husband dog & thug and u still has the gots to talk. Sorry Ahmed.

  5. You think say, na Lagos insider bus fight wey dem dey talk anything wey enter dem mouth, and at the end of the journey, everybody walker him wey? Another man’s husband, you go call him tug, like agbero wey they collect money from every bus for lagos for your hussy in the billions every month?
    I no blame her, too much money for every day Osusu from Market women wey dem daughter dey collect in the billions in the name of iyalo Oja per month don make them think every person looking good is a tug. Becos, dem and tugs are close associates and the word TUG can easily get out of dem mouth. Or, when your mouth drive rough in the National Assembly, fight fit sele and nothing fit happened, becos of immunity on the floor of the House?

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