Cancellation of post-UTME threat to quality education – ASUU

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) said on Monday in Abuja that the cancellation of Post-UTME would pose a serious danger to the quality of education in the country.


ASUU President, Prof. Biodun Ogunyemi, said this at a news briefing convened by the union on issues affecting Nigerian universities and the nation in general.

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Ogunyemi said that scrapping the Post-UTME by the Federal Government was a mistake and should, therefore, be revisited with utmost urgency.

He recalled that vice-chancellors and other stakeholders had hitherto complained about the inability to reconcile the high performance of students in UTME in relation to their low performance in Post-UTME.

“Post-UTME is an inclusive process which seeks to involve tertiary institutions in the admission procedures of their would-be students.

“By this new policy of cancelling Post -UTME, this inclusiveness has been removed.

“Hence, all tertiary institutions are stripped of their right of admitting only candidates who meet up to their individual admission requirements and academic standards.”

He also said that scrapping the Post-UTME also portends grave danger for the future of tertiary education in the country.

Ogunyemi said that considering the poor performance of some graduates of tertiary institutions and their inability to satisfy the need of their employers, this was not the best time to lower the bar of education.

“On the contrary, this is the best time to raise the bar for the graduates of our tertiary institutions to be capable of competing both locally and globally.

“Scrapping the Post-UTME will not help us as a nation, considering the lack of confidence in UTME by the universities.”

Ogunyemi said that there were accusations that some universities had turned Post-UMTE to an exploitative machine by charging prospective students exorbitant fees in order drive Internally Generated Revenue.

He said that if this was true, government should introduce a template for a unified fee or in the alternative, government should liaise with the body of tertiary institutions to peg an amount.

He also said the payment for the exam should be made applicable to three sittings in order for a candidate who passed but could not secure admission to be able to sit twice on the same receipt.

The ASUU president said it was imperative for the policy of the Post-UTME proscription to be re-examined objectively and critically.

“This argument of the Federal Government on the policy is unacceptable and potentially harmful to the future of Nigeria’s education system.

“We call on government to rescind its decision and convene a genuine stakeholders’ meeting on the issue before making any policy statement.

“The process of taking decisions that could adversely affect the people and basic institutions vital for national development ought to be democratically and scientifically taken”, the president said.



  1. ASUU introduced post UTME for the right reasons initially but who doesn’t know the games and corruption going on in the admission and enrollment process in these universities? I see the process as double standard. I didn’t go through it during my time and the bar of education was raised. Cancelling it will not not reduce the quality of education in anyway.

  2. Some of the real threats to quality education include sex or money for marks, non attendance at lectures, conflict of business interests, poor supervision of academic thesis, incessant strikes, etc., and NOT UTME!

  3. What they really mean is that admission processes can no longer be manipulated for personal, sectional and ethnic gains. It should be noted that the quality delivered by a given institution is a direct function of the conduct and administration of processes within, and has nothing to do with admission as long as the minimum entry qualifications are properly defined. Post UTME has been abused by many institutions to drive sectional interests; government has acted to stop this abuse, we should stop deceiving ourselves; a note for those who must exploit every situation for profit. It is a shame that everyone knows but none would speak about the corruption in our institutions.

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