‘I will not apologize’ – Dino Melaye insists

Dino Melaye, a senator from Kogi west, says he will not apologise to Oluremi Tinubu, his colleague from Lagos central and wife of Bola Tinubu, the national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC).


Melaye said this at the executive session of the senate on Tuesday.

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In a closed-door session of the senate last Tuesday, Melaye and Tinubu had engaged in a brawl over an issue regarding the trial of the presiding officers of the upper legislative chamber for alleged forgery of the senate rule book, 2015 at an Abuja high court.

In the session, Melaye had allegedly threatened to beat up  and to “impregnate” Tinubu.

He later denied it, but he claimed that she called him a dog and a thug, which angered him to use invective on her.

While denying he said that he would impregnate Tinubu, Melaye pointed out that the “object of his dander” had already “arrived” menopause.

To end the tension between both parties, the senate, in an executive session on Tuesday, urged Melaye to apologise to Tinubu in the spirit camaraderie, but he refused to do so saying, “great minds don’t dwell on issues; they act and move on”.

On the spur of an alleged threat that he should not visit Lagos after the incident, Dino “crashed” into Lagos at weekend, and he went as far as going to the street of the Tinubus.

On Monday, Tinubu petitioned the inspector-general of police (IGP) asking for protection against Melaye.




  1. I’m not surprised. We know him for that. Dino doesn’t stay with a wife. He is an expert beater of women including his wife and maids. He doesn’t need to apologise.

  2. You should have announced your presence when you landed in Lagos but the coward that you are, you decided to sneak in and out.

  3. Dino, you are well respected by those who know your quality. But remember that pride goes before a fall and suppose she is your wife. I think the way you handle this matter will either bring respect or reproach to you. Women atimes can be humbled by the man’s approach.

  4. Dear Dino, don’t apologize to the Tinubus, they r not God. She also insulted you. Don’t bow to any pressure for the Senate or APC. Respect is earned.

  5. This is a test of Bola Tinubu’s demeanor. If Senator Melaye refused to apologize, I would advise the Tinubus to forgive him to show their maturity and to prevent the bad guys from taking advantage of the situation to cause unexplanable mishap just liike Bola Ige. I know it hurts but as a leader, he must lead by showing a clear and definitive example to avoid katakata outburst.Just my thought..

  6. It is too late for Saraki’s house boy, Dino Melaye, to apologize

    No one needs his apology anymore. He has shown Nigerians that he is a miserable idiot

  7. How I wish this will just end the political careers of the two gladiators and we can have a breath of new wines unpolluted people unlike the crook they are always presenting. Those that will help them to steal money. Pls don’t apologise let the drama continue. If you apologise you will call a bastard. Pls let’s status quo remain mshewwww yeye dey smell

  8. Pride goeth before destruction. It takes courage for one to realise his/her mistake and apologise. I am not surprised if Dino refuses to apologise. Have we all forgotten his antecedent? Call for his records while at the House of Rep. It is unfortunate that such a character is allowed to go to the Upper chamber. We may not have seen or heard enough of his idiotic characters. Time will tell.

  9. If the woman is responsible, will she call another woman’s husband thug or dog. This is who they are at home. Dino and Mama Tinunbu are birds of the same feather. On the day Saraki was elected, didn’t she insult the Senate President. Has she apologized. Only God knows what Jagaba will be facing at home, with this kind of woman. Is she the only woman there? Senate seat is now turn to something else. Make una wake up before they mess all of you there up. Tinunbu should warn his wife, in Yoruba culture KING’S WIFE don’t fight in the market.

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