Help! I’m Tired of Sleeping with My Younger Brother

A young lady has cried out for help to tackle an internal problem which is killing her slowly.

Woman with a Headache

She’s having s*ex with her younger brother on a daily and is finding it difficult to date another guy.

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Below is how the lady narrated the story;

“I am a girl of 25 years. I hailed from Kumasi in Ghana but was born and brought up in Nigeria. I am tired of nursing this pain in my heart. I think it is high time I poured it out.

“I lost my mum while I was barley eight months so I grew up with my dad and step mother in our one-room apartment here in Lagos. My dad remarried nine months after my Nigerian mum died; to enable someone look after me.

“It was in that process that my step mother took in. She delivered my half-brother nine months after, so we both grew up together here in Lagos. My dad struggled to send us to one of the best schools in Lagos.

“However, things became worst after we gained admission into the same university so my dad and step-mother had to return to Ghana.

“My dad, before leaving the country asked us to stay in the same room due to cost since there was no enough money.

“My step-brother is the type of guy every girl would love to hangout with. He’s cute, tall, dark and handsome. He looks older than me though I am his elder sister.

“I am this type that sleeps completely naked. I felt he was my brother and had nothing in mind. He’s so protective that he doesn’t like seeing me around any guy on campus.

“One day, I woke in the middle of the night only to see my brother caressing my breast. I tried to scream but he asked me not to. That was how it continued till I lost my virginity to him.

“I am finding it difficult to date another guy. He’s so jealous that he fights any guy that tries to come near me on campus.

“We virtually have ‘it’ everyday. The truth is that I don’t have any feeling for another guy. I am addicted to him.

“My conscience is pricking me. God, I can’t imagine myself sleeping with my own blood brother, not even that, my junior.

“I am tired of this nonsense. The worst thing is that if I dare tell my dad, my step mother would not turn the whole thing against me.

“Please help me out.!”


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