Kemi Nelson reacts to alleged N75m bribe by Remi Tinubu to protest against Dino Melaye

Women Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief (Mrs.) Kemi Nelson has denied receiving N75 million from Senator Remi Tinubu to organise a rally against Senator Dino Melaye over a recent incident at the senate chamber.


A group, Committee for the Defence of Women’s Rights, had claimed that Senator Tinubu gave Nelson N75 million through one of her sisters, Funlola, to organise a protest against Melaye.

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National President of CDWR, Prof. Taibat Majekodunmi, had alleged that “already, the protesters have stormed Abuja and have booked for 300 rooms in many in hotels in Abuja”.

Reacting, Nelson in a statement she signed said she didn’t need to collect money from Senator Remi Tinubu or her husband, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to organise such a rally.

She vowed to participate fully in a rally that would be staged by a women group on Wednesday July 20 in Abuja to protest the alleged assault on Senator Tinubu by Senator Dino Melaye.

“We are moving to Abuja in full force to be part of this protest against Melaye for harassing a woman of substance like Senator Tinubu, whose family paid a huge price for our democracy. Our democracy is still nascent and we must do everything within our power to protect it.

“We should not allow people like Melaye to rubbish what took years and cost us several lives to achieve. What Melaye did was not just against Senator Tinubu, but against all women and against our democracy. We will not behave like Nero, who sleeps, while Rome burns.

“All right thinking members of the society must rise against this oppression and an open insult against women by a man that has done little or nothing for our democracy. We cannot pretend that nothing is happening, when such a sacrilege is being committed in our country,” the statement read.

Nelson stressed in the statement that she would be leading several women from Lagos to Abuja to protest against a system that she said allows someone like Melaye to debase a woman that, according to her, should be celebrated by the people.

She emphasised that this is the best time to ‘put people like Melaye, where they belong,’ adding that posterity would judge Melaye for trying to trivialise the hallowed chamber of the senate.

“With what Melaye has done, he has been demystified and he should be recalled by his people without any delay. We cannot keep quiet at this material time. As Professor Wole Soyinka would say; ‘the man dies, who keeps silent in the face of tyranny,” she said.

Nelson added hat she is committed to supporting “right thinking people and great achievers such as Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his darling wife, Oluremi”.



  1. Foolish woman.u never protest about d woman preacher that murder in abuja or one in kano was’re doing rally bcos of tinubu wife.shame on you.

  2. Kemi,you are a shameless idiot who is a slave to the TINUBU’S,what did you do when a woman preacher was murdered? Come to think of it will you volunteer to spend your money on a protest for REMI? Who do you think you a fooling,don’t worry the day of judgement is at hand,OMO ALE.

    • What is it to protest about the woman pastor, she died a mate and according to the scriptures all the genuine Christians need do is ask God to forgive them for they know not what they have done, remember Christ and Stephen example, if they have known they would not have crucify her, apostle Paul says to die gain to live is Christ, remain blessed and informed, Shalom

  3. “All right thinking member of the society should participate and support the rally” I guess it should be all bought thinking member of Tinubu dynasty should join your rally. If you guys are right thinking so to say what progressive move have you done as a women leader and Remi, Senate Committee Chairman on women issues, nothing? Now you want the women whom you have not for once fought for to now storm the street becos you and the Kogi bastard is tussling for power. Pls gather your household and your children to do that, they are the only people that will think like you. No hard feelings just my thought, just that this people take Nigerians for fool, its high time we tell them we are not

  4. @ victor pls we are not talking about the biblical judgement here, we are talking about the law of the land. The woman deserves justice just like any citizen of this country. so dont bring that assertion here. This is a civil society. We all understand that vegeance is of the Lord but nobody rules a country like that. If you want to use the bible law a murderer and a liar get thesame punishment in the bible but the earthly law differs. Ok pls take note

  5. This is a fools rally or protest as you may call it to be. Please don’t turn the most respected house of democratic power ( Senate ) into tribal jamboree.
    If Tinubu is your political father or other wise, remember that Dino too is important in his own place and the state is representing. Every one is King in his or her own place and if you turn this issue to YORUBA THING LIKE ASO EBI, then Dino’s people will come out to stage their own protest against Mrs Tinubu and this type of action will become order of the day in the house.

  6. Thanks bott for addressing Victor. His reasoning is very myopic. I am surprised at this hungry women protest, because Tinibu is involved. A woman preacher was murdered in Abuja, they did not protest, an innocent woman was murdered in Kano, they did not protest. They protesting for rice and money to share. Shameless fools.

  7. To this Kemi, assault and insult can only not be meted against women but they can thrive on men…shameless stooge of hypocrisy. Your women folks were slaughtered in Kano and Abuja, but that did not attract protest or expression of anger and sympathy…go ahead in shame and roast in hell.

    What exactly has Melaye done or said that is bigger than what Tinubu said and did to him..respect is reciprocal, and earned…evil generation that think money and wealth is everything ALL of which will roast in HELL!

  8. Kemi Nelson has confirmed the payment so alleged. You hear of rapes, assaults, and people of the Senate who fights daily in pushing their causes, two of such peoples have similar argument in the floor of the house, and you are arranging women to protest. Any sense in that? The money bag has really released some, so let us go and spend some and retain the rest. After all, times are very hard and no money is circulation, this little drop will go along way to sort things for Kemi.
    We can see the return our girls campaigners getting juicy appointments. It is not strange. Kemi Nelson, you can fool no one. The Senate is not Tinubu family matter. If Dino was a relation of Tinubu, and he said what is alleged to have been said, ‘I will rape you Oluremi,’ then the family will gather to hear the matter. But not this relationship. Or you forget, what is said on the floor of the Senate or and Legislative Houses, the members are immune from prosecution? Or you no hear say, na your Oluremi first insult her husband mate as a man? Are Lagos women entitled to insult men and the man should not respond to such insult by a woman? In this case fellow Senator like her husband who has a wife like Oluremi. It is shameful, if not for the power of money for you to talk about protesting, abi women going to carry out a jamboree because, dem don stuff you with some money to have some swell times in Hotel at Abuja? Dino, nothing spoil.
    Please, ensure you include your mother and sisters to protest, because, Dino too fit bring him people, and rough for rough fight fit common for where dem to meet for street. Na dier, mopol teargas and koboko fit work for some bleached bodies wey wound no go fit cure. I know say, na bleached and asoyoyo women nai go follow una go showcase themselves. Take tine o! This is not Democratic Jonathan time wey everybody dey show demself and nothing dey happen for sake of freedom of expression o!

  9. Poverty is a diseases to all the women been paid peanuts or 3 dricas of rice they are jobless and doesn’t have anybody to care for from their individual homes.

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