See How a Thief was Punished After He was Caught Stealing (Photo)

What military soldiers did to a thief they caught red-handed stealing is really a lesson that will make anyone not to steal ever.


A thief was taught the lesson of his life as he was brutally punished by the Army officials after he was caught in the act. In order to teach him a lesson of a lifetime after he was thoroughly beaten, the soldiers forced the thief to undergo a gruesome punishment as seen in the picture.

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  1. This is rubbish.. Very stupid mentality.. For how much did he stole? Dasuki, obanikoro and co are there stealing billions.. Wish one of all these looters can ben given such beaten.. Cause say he stole 1k u wnt to kill him…all this Babboon in millitary clothing self

    • It always starts small…encourage discipline please. If Dasuki and co were tamed and trained possibly like this, they might not go this way and Nigeria would have been a better place for ALL!

  2. Integrity pls help me preach it to the generation of james who r still planning to survive by stealing frm anoda hustler dt such punishment as this n more await dem.Yeye pple

  3. This should be put in a national television for people to learn from. Shame to the man who has two hands and two legs but did not want to have a sustainable life.

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