Taxi Driver Took Off With A Passenger’s N1.8m In Abuja… See How He Spent It (Photo)

A heartless taxi driver who stole millions from a passenger and gave some of the money to his girlfriend and sister has finally been caught.


A dubious 38 year-old taxi driver, Muritala Olugunju, has been arrested by operatives of the Inspector General of Police Special Intelligence Response Team.

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The man was arrested after he stole N1.8million from a passenger.

According to reports, the suspect, who is a native of Ogun State, was said to have picked his passenger, identified simply as Mohammed, at Wuse Zone 6 area of Abuja for shopping, before taking him to a hotel where he wanted to lodge.

As the victim entered the hotel to book a room, leaving his bags containing his cash and other belongings in the taxi, the driver made away with the passengers belongings.

The helpless victim alerted the police at IRT, who trailed the suspects and arrested him few weeks later.

Speaking after he was caught, the man said he was pushed to steal by the devil. He explained that he suspected that the victim had money in his bag because he didn’t go to the bank or use an ATM throughout their trip.

“I gave N200,000 to my girl friend and I also gave my sister N80,000. Then I bought a car for myself which I intended to use for my business, but before I knew what was happening, I was arrested. I regret doing this and I hope my passenger will forgive me.” he pleaded.



  1. So all this igbo haters is all about jealousy because I thought na only igbos like money, all those useless, worthless, lazy tribes who hates igbos because of their prosperity will remain in bondage of jealousy till end of this world.

  2. I don’t know why you lazy useless tribes cannot remain angels as you worthless tribes claim to be than disturbing we igbos thief business, we igbos never shy away with what we do and we are not pretenders like you guys, you are not thief but if you see somebody things you steal it. As long as igbos prosperity are paining you people, you people will in that bondage forever.

  3. I am totally disgusted by comments @ David nd Emeka.
    What is bad is bad. When money is made fraudulently, that is BAD. Period.
    It’s further disgusting when/if anyone thinks that dishonest money = envy.
    Please let us learn to do what is right. We have the on coming generations, watching our disgraceful behavior.

  4. That is more reason a typical Igbo man can never be president of Nigeria.
    Jonathan is not an ndigbo.
    It is because of ur inferiority complex that u people are asking for biafran country.
    You guys are fully aware u can never be a match to other tribes.
    Shame on ndigbos,bunches of crime minded peoples.
    U are leading in all sort of atrocities,kidnaping,armed roberies,money rituals,pipe lines vadalisations.

  5. kollins , you are a fool for saying that igbos are inferior and never a match to other tribes.
    Please I CHALLENGE YOU to a contest to reel out you tribes achievements and milestones and I will table the same. meanwhile I am a Chartered Accountant, a first class graduate of Oxford brookes university, A distinction graduate of Federal polytechnic Nekede, an ACCA holder with a certificate of achievement in paper F7, F8 and F9. I am associate member of the Institute and faculty of Actuaries United kingdom, I am running my fellowship level as of now. I am in the third level of chartered Financial analyst. I have recently submitted my theses for my Msc in financial management in the Edinburgh school of business at he riot Watt university Scotland. This will enable me run my Phd in finance at the London school of economics. Presently I am running my LLB in law. I am a third year student. I have diploma in IFRS. I have been actively been involved in the IFRS conversion of many companies from the local NG GAAP to IFRS. I am a financial re-engineering specialist, an IF RS specialist , a merger and acquisition experts. a seasoned professional working in one of the big firm in the whole world with offices in 210 cities in 180 countries and with over 150,000 staff across the globe.
    Who are you?
    I am waiting for to reel out your own

  6. mid you I qualified as a chartered in Nigeria (ICAN) inthe november 2015 diet and went for my inductio9n in may 2016. I qualkified in ACCA in december 2013 diet.

    I am waiting for you.

  7. One thing here is sure, no quick way to making money. The long arm of the law will surely catch up will whosoever does so.

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