FG Opposes Electricity Tariff Reversal, Backs NERC

A former Governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Fashola has opposed the ruling of a Federal High Court in Lagos on the reversal of the hike in electricity tariff.


The Federal Government on Thursday opposed the court ruling that mandated it and the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission to reverse the 45 per cent increase in power tariffs payable by consumers across the country.

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It also commended NERC for appealing the judgement, describing the ruling as a setback that posed a challenge, which had prompted misunderstanding in the sector.

The Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, disclosed this during the signing of the front-runner Power Purchase Agreements between the Federal Government and 14 solar power development and promoting companies in Abuja.

In his address at the ceremony, Fashola saluted the courage of the solar power investors despite the court ruling, and stressed that a lot of unusual things were beginning to happen in the sector, among which was the judicial intervention.

He, however, stated that despite the various concerns in the sector, the Federal Government would play by the rules that drive the electricity business.

Fashola said, “I must say that as all of these are happening, the Nigerian government has demonstrated that it will play by the rules, especially in the power sector. I must, therefore, commend our regulators, NERC, for the position that they have taken regarding the judgement. The commission has shown that although it disagrees with the judgement, it is challenging it as the law allows.

“To me, it is a positive sign for our power sector. The decision of NERC to respect the court is a sign that conflicts and interests in the power sector can be resolved in a democratic environment. These are the hallmarks of a good economic and investment-worthy destination. There are silver linings in the cloud of the setback, which the judgement appears to represent.”



  1. This man doesn’t get it. most Nigerian’s would pay the approved price if they get the product. you can’t keep charging people high price for product and services they are not getting or can’t directly measure. Meter the nation, supply the electricity, then people pay cost reflective prices.

  2. Although I love this administration but the fact remains that I can only pay for what I used. We accept that electricity is cheaper than running Gen set,they should make the electricity supply available, therefore we will support the increment. I can’t pay with this output. I wonder why some areas are having 24hours power supply while other places doesn’t have an hour supply per day. I disagree with this increment.

  3. Fashols encourage poeple to have solar on their house like they do abroad and subsidise it this will also get some off the grid a

  4. Like someone said earlier, I am in support of this government. But the point is, there is no explanation that can substatiate how people should continue paying for services they don’t get.
    Give the electricity and people will pay.
    It is bad enough that Nigerians have not sued the government to payback past exuberant fee for no service rendered. In addition countries like Kenya sue their electricity provider, in the event that the supply damages electrical home appliances. These are the kinda tins Nigerians want see. Not making the already bad situation, worse. FASHOLA PLEASE HAVE A RETHINK

  5. Go to the filling stations and fill up your tank and you know what you are paying for. For 9 years plus govt has been paying your bills, so you can afford to maintain this conviction of yours that is a de-service to Nigerians. meter the houses. This is our rights, if you want to get it right. Fashola you must listen to us, we want value for our money.

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