I can’t wait to be disvirgined – Halima Abubakar

halima-abubakar-nigeria1Controversial Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar has disclosed that she is still a virgin. The 31-year-old actress made this known on her Instagram page @halimabubakar on Tuesday.


She hinted she was looking forward to when she would have s*xual intercourse with a man and be pregnant.

She wrote: “I can’t wait to disvirgin and have kids.

“I’m sure sinners will disagree.”

In what seemed like mocking note, the busty actress added: “Please don’t preach on this, the world has had enough quotes.”



  1. Aaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!! who is talking? if Halima Abubakar na still virgin make my yansh bend!! infact if she still be virgin i go believe say mama ejima my neighbour na still virgin. see embaricement o

  2. We understand, she is busy using the other side for sex, reserve the main thing for wedding, afterwards both will now get busy.

  3. Halima virgins don’t talk about their virginity, their virginity is best known to them. So stop fooling around and get busy with something else.

  4. Virgin, na virgin. Na she get her body. Wen she become un, under, dis, virgin, bomb no go blow. Na the man who go go there na hm go confirm, and only within himself. Hm no go fit talk. Na dem dem go settle over a smile, wheda she is a virgin or not.

  5. Why do you have broadcast your virginity to the whole world?.Keep your virginity to yourself till that night when your husband will prove you right. Virginity is personal virtue-xxxxxxxx

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