Young female doctor killed in a fatal accident in Abia Sate … Photos

This beautiful young doctor identified as Dr. Nneoma Uhuegbu died in a fatal accident around Umuikaa on her way to Umuahia from Aba last night.

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She was on her way to Umuahia to collect her induction gown as a fresh medical doctor. Her induction is on the 28 at ABSU. According to reports, 12 passengers and driver involved in the accident survived except for her. This is so sad! May her soul rest in peace. Amen! Below is what her friend Ogbonnaya Bonky Chibuzor wrote on Facebook:

“The audacity of death. The reckless, arrogant enemy of humanity has struck again. On this occasion, its wicked hands did us an irreparable damage which is permanent. It has snatched away a humble, brilliant, amiable, creative and hard-working doctor from us, in a rude and shocking manner. Nneoma has spent 8 years of her life studying medicine & surgery. Their induction into the medical body was scheduled to hold this Thursday 28 July. What a loss!!!.. What happens to the project I wanted you to be part of? what of the lives you planned to save as a medical doctor should we forget about it? No!!!! Hey, I am dreaming, some one should tell me am hallucinating. We are all aware of death’s recklessness, yet we raise our heads with pride, as the faithful children of God Almighty, who believe in His holiness, the resurrection of Jesus and His superior power over all mundane activities and interests of this wicked world. God has allowed in His wisdom, what his power can avoid. We love you Dr Nneoma…. The Lord grant your family and colleagues the fortitude to bear this great loss. I will see you in Heaven, RIP Nneoma.”



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    Familiarise yourself with the traffic code and abide by all the rules and regulations within
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    Remember life has no duplicate
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