Traditional ruler threatens to sue Melaye over attack on Sen. Tinubu

A traditional ruler, the Atapa of Itapa Ijesa, Dr. Olapade Agoro, has threatened court action against a senator representing Kogi State, Dino Melaye, for damaging the reputation of the citizenry in the eyes of the world.


Agoro, a politician and religious leader, described Melaye’s action against Senator Remi Tinubu on the floor of the Senate as a dent on the citizenry and the party on which he stood for election.

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The traditional spoke yesterday at his Oluyole home in Ibadan, where he showed copy of Court of Appeal judgment in favour of his party and seven other political parties which the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) de-registered in 2014.

Agoro, who won in the Appeal Court case against INEC, restoring his political party, the National Action Council (NAC) and six others, called for sanction against Melaye.

This, he noted, would prevent any lawmaker from such shameful and graceful conduct.

He added that it would portray Nigerians not as dirty people, but descent and respected.

He said: “No wonder, former President Olusegun Obasanjo, without mincing words, told the whole world that the National Assembly is full of corrupt legislators. That was a weighty statement. When you say corruption, you are not limiting it to taking bribe. It could be immoral. By what he did on the floor of the Senate, I will say Melaye has committed immorality.

“For this young man to have lost morality and commonsense on the floor of the hallowed chamber, to have threatened to beat up a woman, that was too much. You don’t say you want to beat up another man’s wife on the hallowed chamber; forget who the husband is.

“That issue is beyond political scene. It raises the question of morality. When a man says he will beat up another man’s wife and even impregnate her, it means the man has admitted to be a rapist.

“By now, the police should have stepped in. It’s a reckless and senseless vituperation that should be taken beyond the floor of the Senate.

“The young man has been so reckless ever since he became a senator. It shows how corrupt he is. I don’t know why that type of character should be allowed to continue staying in the Senate.

“The APC should have by now sanctioned him to protect the name of the party, not demanding an apology from him. I could have taken him court, if not for anything, because we don’t expect characters like him in the Senate. He should be made to face the music.”



  1. Bia this traditional ruler who u help na today day break for were u dey this matter na stale news were u dey since

  2. Its the hungry olapade Agoro now, the man that was always contesting for the post of president without party. he will just collect INEC money and go to sleep. I think hes broke and looking for relevance now

  3. Baba Agoro, The matters at the hallowed house as you put it are for the people of the House. They are immune from prosecution. You go court, nobody go answer you. A woman, insulted a man as good as her husband carelessly did not portray herself as respectable. Word for word, nothing dey spoil. Except you want your share of the alleged N75million for the women protest, talk make we hear you. What is your own business for people who are fighting for relevance at the hallowed house. Even if them beat her dier, nothing go spoil, except that, man beating woman will be dishonorable. But, before woman insult man, she sef for don ready for the fight wey fit sele. But another woman fit beat her or rofo, rofo, fight fit comont, if her mouth drive rough in the house.

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