Primate Ayodele blasts Adeboye, Oyedepo and Kumuyi over silence on killings of Christians

The Spiritual Leader of INRI Spiritual and Evangelical Church, Oke-Afa, Isolo, Lagos, Primate Elijah Ayodele, has condemned the killing of Christians cross the country.


Ayodele, in an interview with Newsmen on Friday, also took a swipe at those he called “Big Pastors” for keeping quiet in the face of unabated attacks against the Church.

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Ayodele, while lamenting the recent attack on Christians, said “They slit the throat of a woman preaching in Abuja; they beheaded a 74-year-old woman in Kano; they nearly killed another poor carpenter for not observing fast; they attacked a Church in the Niger for holding a service on Friday, and so on.

“Nigeria is getting to the edge; no more tolerance and we are moving on as if all is well”

“Last week, the Appeal Court ruled that hijab can be worn to schools. The Sultan came out and told Muslims that ‘if anybody does not want you to practise Islam, you can fight’.

“The fact that nobody has come out to say the Sultan did not say that means he was quoted correctly.

“Yet, I have not heard reactions from those who ought to have spoken. I am not scared of anybody, I will call names.

“People like (Enoch) Adeboye, (David) Oyedepo, (Folorunsho) Kumuyi, and other Big Pastors that people believe so much are holier than thou have kept quiet”.

Citing instances of contentious religious issues in states, Primate Ayodele said: “Imagine what is happening in Osun State. The government said female Muslims students can wear hijab to school.

“Somebody came out to say, ‘okay, Christians too should wear white garment to school’. The governor criticised him and so-called Christian leaders came out to say the governor is right.

“Also, this man in Kaduna, (Nasir) El-Rufai says you must have license to preach or do public religious activities.

“Only one man has been shouting…Apostle Suleman. He has been the lone voice fighting against the government’s pronouncement. Other influential Pastors have not uttered a word.

“Nobody is ready to bell the cat. May be they are thinking that they will lose rich members or their connections in power”.

“Christians are being killed. People who should be talking are just there looking. If these killings lead to religious war, nobody will stay. This country is playing with disaster”.

On the way forward, Primate Ayodele advocated that all hands must be on deck to forestall religious crisis.

“Even though I am still watching him, the new CAN president must take steps to put the plight of Christians at the fore front,” he charged.

“We must harmonize in this country. There must be equity and balance. We must respect each other’s religion.

“A man like me is tolerant. I have Muslims who come to my church that I assist. We should stop all these signs of extremism.

“There is an inter-religious boy in place. We should do more to ensure peace exists because that is the only way Nigeria can fully attain its potential.”



  1. Liar, he predicted not prophesied and he predicted wrongly that is the problems with nigerian Christians, always crying wolf where there is none e yee gbe saraa koja moshalashi, iwon eku ni iwon itee

    • Segun can you be specific where the primate is crying wolf where there is none, is it that the Christians mentioned where not killed or the fact that the senior pastors are not saying anything? Just asking!

      • I don’t like making comment here but segun , i think you need to go back to school, if you can not understand what the Man of God is talking about.

  2. my primate you have said it all. they are afraid of loosing wealthy members of their population who are drawn from ruling APC but time will tell at least for past 21 years mbaka can not produce a prudent manager that can help buhari manage this bartered economy and yet he is celebrating 21 years of priest hood what a shame

  3. Agreed. Fear of man and deflation of popularity has made many of our Christians leaders silent. But God can not be silent!

  4. The primate is out of line. Adeboye visited the family and did grant the press audience. There he prayed for those who committed the atrocity and whilst condemning the act alluded to the fact that vengeance is of the Lord. What does the primate expect? As Christians we do not carry arms or curse our enemies,christ enjoined us to pray for them. As an apostle our primate should know better haven aligned with our biblical apostles like Paul, Peter who were martyred for preaching Christ.

  5. God will judge our actions and inactions I.e I think there is time to speak against injustice in the land.I.e prophet of God Elijah confronted the prophet of Baal idol.You must make sure its the appropriate time so you can be backed and supported by even when he became scared thinking he was the only prophet at that time God told him there was still other 70 prophet whom hasn’t bowed to Baal .may God actually fight for us because all these happening to create Terror in the heart of preachers so they won’t preach no way its time to do more.

    • The question you should ask is if the prophets were greater than the Lord Jesus. During the time of the prophets the people still erred before God. So Christ came to put a stop to all that but contrary to what the Jews thought Jesus was not going to bring down fire to consume anyone, rather love was what he brought. This the Jews could not understand till today. So when we keep validating the prophets of old in this dispensation of grace then invariably we invalidate Jesus Christ.

  6. @ Henry, must u always talk nonsense, must u politicise everything or u want us to believe that the congregation of those “big” pastors consists only of APC members. And what has Fr. Mbaka’s celebration of priesthood got to do with the state of our economy? The last time I checked, Fr. Mbaka has never been in govt. not in local, state or federal. if for any reason u don’t like the man, u shouldn’t make a fool of urself out of that! U are actually becoming a nuisance!

  7. Where is even Pastor Tunde Bakare in this whole drama. There was a day he brought a long article to read on the TV about Nigeria. Yet as vocal as he is he has not said anything about the turn of events. Hmmmm God is watching

  8. I take exception of bishop oyedepo. all will bear witness he gave his own piece before elections….so now when the consequences is coming up what do u expect him to do? pls leave him out of this

  9. We don’t have to be combative about this thread, Baba Adeboye does not have to agonize on the pages of newspapers, he has direct assess to those in power any day, irrespective of the party ruling ; he must have registered his disdain and protest through the appropriate channels, that is why ( I think) the Fed Government was represented by highly placed people in same government. It is those who do not have easy route to Aso Rock that will always engage the services of town wailers to chronicle their opinions hence the less known Primate is in order.

    • My brother Sanmi, that any of the so called “Big Pastors” have direct access to the villa and must have communicated is neither here nor there am sorry. I feel its always better to make your position or stand known on issues that directly affect you, most expecialy when millions of people are looking up to you and don’t have any “potent” means of doing same. Our Lord Jesus Christ did not only speak of injustices and hypocrisy in street corners, synagores and private weddings, but also on mountain tops and even in the homes of tax collectors. Just my thinking people.

  10. Hmm, should will be criticizing one another as Christians? The way our God deals with each one of us is diverse but the goal is same, i.e. that all glory must be to God, Allelluia! Our God is The Lord of Hosts, He will never loose a battle and He is never too late. Vengeance belongs to Him. Let us continually wait on Him, pray for our country and for one another.

  11. Beautiful write up by Rev Ayodele
    Let us continue in prayers for Nigeria, our leaders, our people. Prayers for our fellow Xstians, Muslims and those of other faith. Pray for justice and pray that His kingdom will come to NG. Is anything too big for our God? NO!!
    We need to speak loud and clear as well if we see evil/injustice. Must not keep quiet. Religion is the opium of the people. I agree with Rev Ayodele, NG is playing with fire if things are not nipped in the bud. See what is happening in the Middle East.
    Osun State govt should work hard, face and deal with the many needs of its people, rather than creating uneccessary religious bigotry amongst its children, the future generation!!! Does the Governor not have enough work to do?

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