Shocking! ‘Evil Spirits’ Wreak Havoc at Popular School Killing Three Mysteriously

Evil spirits have allegedly killed four people including a student and teachers in a particular school within the space of two weeks.


About four people have died in the space of two weeks at a school with many speculating that it is the work of an evil spirit. This followed the mysterious death of three members of staff and one pupil in a space of two weeks with many of the staff and pupils left in perpetual fear.

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It was reported that the deaths of Muza Clever (bursar), Chenesai Magadzire (senior teacher), Blessing Mahlungise (student teacher) and a pupil has left the Glen View 1 community stunned with some speculating that ‘evil spirits’ were at play.

Prayers have since been held at the school following the deaths although school authorities quickly dismissed that the prayers were not held as a cleansing ceremony but were rather just a scripture union session.

Harare Provincial Education director Christopher Chamunorwa confirmed the deaths of the three staffers saying that they had died due to different ailments arguing that there was no mystery.

“Yes I can confirm that a senior teacher died due to a heart problem, the bursar was involved in a car accident while the student teacher from Midlands State University died from suspected poisoning.

“No cleansing ceremony was ever held at the school but it was just the scripture union session. There is no mystery really in those deaths,” said Chamunorwa.

A teacher who commented on condition of anonymity said they were still shocked with the deaths which had occurred within a short space of time.

“Probably it could have been God’s timing for the four but it is a really difficult time for the school.

“We have since had pastors who came and prayed last week and,” he said.



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