Shocking!!! 26 Eaglets fail MRI test, first-team wiped out

Nigeria will be hugely depleted for Saturday’s U17 AFCON qualifier at home against Niger after a staggering 26 players out of 60 failed the mandatory MRI screening conducted last week.

26 eaglets mri

A top official revealed that what is disturbing is not only the high number of those who failed the age test, but the quality of those who will not be eligible as the Eaglets starting XI have been completely wiped out with only two surviving players.

“It is a disaster,” exclaimed one devastated official. The official added: “Virtually the first team the coaches have been working on have been disqualified. It’s a serious problem.

“We have exclusively gathered that top NFF officials have now gone into panic mode with blames being traded over this mass failure.”

Several of the players were in tears and total shock when the final results came through on Wednesday morning. The affected players have since quit the team’s training camp in Abuja for their various bases.

Among those who flung the age test was a star striker, who came through the national U15 team and has been outstanding in training leading up to Saturday’s AFCON qualifier.

Another promising player disqualified only recently forced his way into the starting XI of Coach Manu Garba’s team after a late call-up.

As first reported only by the, the Confederation of African Football have moved swiftly to ensure a much more transparent management of this MRI test by deploying independent doctors to the various member-associations.

In the case of Nigeria, an Egyptian doctor supervised the screening exercise last week. Nigeria have won the FIFA U17 World Cup a record five times – 1985, 1993, 2007, 2013 and 2015.



  1. They are shedding crocodile tears. These old men knew they lied that they were U17, so wetin dem dey cry for? But most importantly when they selected them into the U17 team, why was this MRI Age test not done as a prequalification criteria? The NFF needs to institutes the MRI Age Test as a pre qualification criteria for joining any team that’s to represent Nigeria on the global scene.

  2. Nooo, the previous MRI test should be declared inconclusive and another one conducted, otherwise it means the Golden Eaglets have been technically defeated in the tournament.

  3. I am not surprised at this development because in this country called Nigeria we do not believe in honesty in all aspects of our lives. The “boys” oh men should embrace agriculture and live meaningfully.

  4. The MRI test was inconclusive and that there should be a re-run. Seriously speaking, NFF would save itself from liars, if they put a Rule that, should a Player lies on his age, that player would not feature in any of its organized programs, then this cheaters will think twice and declare their true age. And no player should be allowed without verifying that he has a Birth Certificate from a proper verifiable source, and those who present these players for competitions would also be punished in the first place. It would save Nigeria from all these embarrassments. Think how frustrated, the Coach would be? The unfolding can warrant FIFA to withdraw and give the World Cup Trophy to the Second Bests in all the previous completions. Thank goodness that it is not drug related.

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