You Won’t Believe What a Student Wrote After He Was Asked to Explain Why Economics is a Science

A student who was asked to explain why economics is a science has given a really hilarious response that has left people cracked up.

economics response

This photo has been making the rounds on social media and has left people rolling on the floor with laughter.

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The photo shows the answer a student gave to a question on economics during what is thought to be a test.

The “test” took place in a Ghanaian school.

Trouble started when the student was asked this question: “Explain why Economics is a science.”

While answering, the student gave an answer that is really hilarious.

Below is what he wrote:

“Yes, Economics is totally a science because many teachers here in Ghana always say economics is a science.

“Again,my lecturer also said is a science. Also, Alfred Marshall then said is a science.

“And lastly not the least,professor Lionel Robbins said economics is also a science and therefore who am I to say economics is not a sience?

“Please consider me.”



  1. On a candid note, isn’t that what most people do with ideas of religion, culture and politics………I believe this or that just because my parents or family or cultural leaders told me so.

    “Explain why a Yoruba man should not marry Ibo woman.”

    “Yes, a Yoruba man should not marry Ibo woman because many ELDERS here in NIGERIA always say a Yoruba man should not marry Ibo woman.

    “Again,my PARENTS also said a Yoruba man should not marry Ibo woman. Also, …….

    “And lastly not the least, KABIYESI said ‘a Yoruba man should not marry Ibo woman” and therefore who am I to say a Yoruba man should marry Ibo woman?

    “Please consider my reason and excuse my ignorance.”

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