You Won’t Believe How Many Men and Women Fake Orgasms…The Reasons Are Shocking

A new survey has revealed shocking reasons why many men and women fake orgasms? The reasons are really shocking.


According to reports, a new survey has opened up on the reasons why men and women fake orgasms.

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According to the new survey, a whopping 68% of women admitted to faking that big-O. But you’ll probably be more surprised to learn that 28% of lads also lie about reaching orgasm.

So why are they putting on a show in the bedroom?

More than half of ladies (54%) said it was because the s*x was taking too long and they didn’t want to hurt their lover’s feelings. Other reasons women gave for pretending included boring s*x, not being in the mood, feeling tired, being too drunk and not being satisfied by a new partner.

As for the guys who pretend to peak, they did it because they were too tipsy to ejaculate or to spare a partner’s feelings.

One in ten men confessed to faking it during a one-night stand after realising they had made a “mistake”.

The survey also discovered ladies were eight times more likely to fake an orgasm with their husband or long-term partner compared to a new lover or someone with whom they were cheating.

More than half of the women saw nothing wrong in faking a climax and admitted it was “easy” to fool men into thinking they had really been in the throes of passion.

The results come from a new poll of 1,000 people by extra-marital dating site

Christian Grant, spokesman for, said: “It is very clear from these findings that there are a lot of women having rubbish s*x with their husbands and long-term boyfriends and faking it to spare their feelings.”

He continued: “It is easier to do that than confront the deeper problems in a relationship.

“Perhaps what is more surprising is how many men are faking it, too – largely for the same reasons as women.

“They put on an act because their marriage or long-term relationship is stale and they are going through the motions when it comes to sex.

“All research shows that couples enjoy their best sex right at the start of a relationship when things are still fresh and you are both excited to be trying something new.”

Why women fake orgasms

1 S*x was taking too long and they didn’t want to hurt their long-term partner’s feelings (54%)
2 The s*x was boring (37%)
3 Not in the mood (36%)
4 Too tired (35%)
5 They had drunk too much (28%)
6 Their partner was new and could not satisfy them (16%)
7 They struggle to climax through intercourse (15%)

Why men fake orgasms

1 Sparing a partner’s feelings (22%)
2 Too much alcohol (20%)
3 S*x was boring (18%)
4 A one-night stand that had gone wrong (10%)
5 Not in the mood (8%)
6 Too tired (6%)
7 Stress (5%)


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