Help! What I Found Out My Boyfriend is Doing With His Mother is Making Me Go Crazy – Confused Lady

A girl has cried out for help after finding out a devastating information about her boyfriend and his mother.


A devastated girl is looking for help after finding out a cruel and betraying affair going on between her boyfriend and his mom.

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The girl whose identity is protected wrote:

“I am very devastated and hurt like hell when my boyfriend just told me all this mess. I will try to be clear and short

My mom’s boyfriend is a sl*t ( sorry now I have to call her that), she was trying to seduce my bf to have s*x with her when he was visiting her on vacation, but he said to me he was trying to reject her many times then one night he woke up to her being on his top. I don’t want to go in details because this thing seems so disgusting and gross but I don’t know what to do either. Ditch him?

He kept saying he was sleeping and she was trying to do that. I know many of you would think about this so gross but I just want to be clear, is it possible that a man can have s*x while sleeping or my bf was trying to lie to me to cover his behaviour also?

Though he has been very honest to me . I am just both disgusted and don’t want to talk to him right now.

Please give me advice”



  1. U do not need to ditch him,he could be telling the truth. Perhaps he was sedated or hypnotized. U just need to watch him closely to find out things for urcef

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