Jhene Aiko Finally Files for Divorce from Nigerian Husband

American singer, Jhene Aiko has finally filed for divorce from Nigerian husband  Dot da Genius less than a year after it was discovered that the pair were actually married.


According to E! News, Aiko filed for divorce from the music producer on Tuesday, citing “irreconcilable differences,” and is asking the judge to deny spousal support for husband Dot.

Of further interest was the fact that the court documents as revealed by E! stated that they’d been married since 2014 and separated in 2015.

The news isn’t exactly earth shattering as Aiko has been carrying on a very public relationship with rapper Big Sean. They have not gone so far as to label it, but the pair took the stage at Los Angeles hip-hop radio station Power 106’s annual concert Powerhouse in June and shared a few kisses while performing to the sold-out crowd, which drew loud cheers from the audience.

That’s not talking about their numerous Instagram pictures and videos hinting that something is going on between the two. It remains to be seen what happens now, but we are probably only waiting for an official confirmation of a relationship between Aiko and Sean to be fully sure of their status.



  1. No surprises here. After frolicking with Big Sean all day .. smh. Marriage clearly means nothing to these so-called celebrities.

  2. Marriage is only a passtime thing with the present day generation in the western world and not a serious business
    They can drop in and drop out at any time without any qualms and for no just reason
    These are the sort people that several African wannabes,uncle Toms and aunt Jemimas ignorantly go about copying hook wink and sinker
    African ways of life is still the best

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