Revealed!!! How to tell if someone is hacking your emails, and how to stop them

Scary huh? I know!!! *smiles… Do you know some electronic messages can be embedded with code to tell the sender when you’ve opened an email, where you are, what sort of device you’re on and whether you clicked on a link?

email hacked

It’s a trick – it happens without your awareness or consent – often used by marketing companies to see if you are paying attention to their mailers.

But there is now a way to spot – and stop – this email tracking. An extension called Ugly Mail (that works on Chrome only) shows you who’s guilty of doing it in your inbox, according to Gizmodo.

Once you’ve downloaded and added the extension to Chrome, reload Gmail. You will then see an eye symbol next to the messages with some kind of tracking software embedded in them.

You can delete these without opening them and begin to understand which companies want to know about your email-opening activities.



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