Adaka Boro Avengers insists on Niger Delta republic

Amid reports that the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) have agreed to a ‘ceasefire’ to allow for a dialogue with the Federal Government, its sister militant group, the Adaka Boro Avengers (ADA) has said it would not engage in any dialogue with the government, and vowed to go ahead with the October 1 declaration of the Niger Delta Republic.


Spokesperson of the group, Edmos Ayayeibo, who stated this in a statement yesterday, said all arrangements have been concluded for the success of the historic declaration, stressing, “there is no going back this time round.”

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“We the Adaka Boro Avengers are throwing our weight behind the Niger Delta Avengers on the declaration of Niger Delta Republic come October 1. Our earlier abortion of the declaration was at the instance of the Niger Delta Republic. This time round, there’s no going back and Nigerians should expect a different country call Niger Delta Republic.

“Arrangements have been concluded for the declaration. The people of the Niger Delta region are tired of President Muhammadu Buhari and his APC misrule, and we have decided to go and no one can stop us,” the statement read.

The group dismissed any possible threat to its ambition, stressing, “the matter at hand is more than any police force or military personnels.”

It said it had concluded arrangements to launch the Niger Delta radio station in two weeks time and added that it would work with Biafra agitators to actualize their dream.

to run a continuous broadcast ahead of the October 1 declaration.

“We’re also using this medium to call on our neighbours, Biafrans to use this opportunity to achieve their dream because all arrangements have been concluded for the success. We are also using this opportunity to tell the Federal government of Nigeria that we ADAKA BORO AVENGERS are not ready for any form of dialogue.

“Two weeks from today the Nigerian nation will hear our live broadcast from our radio station, the Niger Delta radio station, which will  continue broadcast until the October 1 declaration. October 1, is a day we have set aside for history to be made in the world. So the Nigerian government should not try to stop us, because if they do, heads will roll and still history will be made.

“So, we are not afraid of anyone, police or military personnels, because our foreign backers are currently fighting with so many countries in the world without fear.

“Lastly, the whole nation will be destabilised. What the Niger Delta leaders should do now is to call their people in other states to return home immediately. Only restructuring of Nigerian nation will stop our October 1 declaration,” the statement concluded.



  1. The man Adaka Boro was one those Niger Deltans that kept their people and their geopolitical zone in this terrible mess
    He misled his people to join forces with the murderous HausaFulani,that are only out to dominate the whole Nigeria,to kill off the Biafran dream
    Many years on that singular blunder is haunting the Niger Deltans

  2. @Sunny, You do not know what happened. It was the greed/arrogance of Igbo leaders at then that cause it all. If you wish to know, this is a little bit of it:
    1. The Former Eastern region main export was Coal. Development from revenue of the Coal was cued towards the Ibos. Akpabiasika a man from the Calabar area was elected in the 50s, the Ibo annulled the election as an insult and even went to Calabar to carry away Pipes meant for Calabar Municipal Water works.
    2. When Oil was discovered in Olobiri, and revenue and developmental issues came up, the Ibos then refused same formula and stated in the then Eastern Region House, that votes in the Assembly where they are the majority as the Hausa-Fulani are doing now should determine how the oil money should be applied.
    3. Adaka Boro under took a one man show with few recruits of his and declared the Niger Delta Republic in 1966 in rebellion against this injustice. His rebellion which led him to sacking Police Stations landed him in prison for treason with the aid of the then Eastern Region Government dominated by the Ibos.
    4. Adaka Boro was in Kirikiri Maximum prison awaiting execution as a result of the marginalization his people, the Ijaws suffered from their nearest brothers.
    5. Coupe and counter coupes took place in Nigeria, Gowon became Head of State and created Rivers State from the then Eastern Region, thereby liberating the Ijaws from the marginalization Adaka Boro fought and was to die for it.
    6. Adaka Boro from prison in Kirikiri congratulated Gowon for the liberation of his people from oppression and was happy that he can die and rest in peace.
    7. Like Chief Awolowo, Gowon released Adaka Boro from prison to fight against Biafran occupation of Rivers State for which he was ready to die. This he achieved, but was still pre-occupied with the fact that the Federal Government through the instrumentality of Chief Awolowo have cancelled the revenue formula of 60:40 share to State and Federal to zero allocation to the region producing the black gold.
    8. His position was known, at the dying days of the civil war, he was killed, not be the enemy then, but by those he was fighting for. For the circumstances for which he died were spurious.
    9. If you had read the civil war history, Biafran soldiers shot no guns as they match from Enugu through to Port Harcourt, Warri, Sapele, Benin and station at Ore. At Benin City, they declared Benin Republic. But did not do same when in fact, the Ijaws are more populous than the Benin people in present day Edo State.
    10. When Gowon release Awolowo from prison, and the Yorubas did not accept the Oduduwa Republic declared by Biafra for the Yorubas did not joined the liberation of their people from Nigeria.
    11. All these liberation acts of Biafra in the nationalities stated above, the Ijaw man whose Oil the Biafra government intended to use to prosecute the war was not in reckoning as to what he stands to gain if he joins the Biafran struggle; coupled with their son awaiting execution on account of the Ibos marginalization of their people, they were not prepared to support the Biafran struggle.
    12. Elders consulted with Ojukwu, and his response was, ‘we are at war and that when we finish, we shall discuss.’ Nothing for the ijaws.
    13. When Federal troops started reprisal, the supply root and ferrying of Biafran troop which was made possible by the Ijaws through the creeks from Port Harcourt ended. So, the Biafran troop in Ore did not get back up, hence it fell and the battle line was shifted back to Port Harcourt. Adaka Boro, was interested in fighting to liberate his people in Rivers State.
    14. If there was no arrogant marginalization of the Ijaws in the then Eastern Region; if the Biafran Leadership respected their Ijaw brothers and discussed the needful to join in the struggle or as they did with the Edo and Oduduwa people, and had declared Niger Delta Republic for the Ijaws; if Adaka Boro was not forced into rebellion, and was awaiting death; the Ijaws would have joined forces to fight for their liberation, and Adaka Boro would have died a happy man even with his Igbo brothers who caused him to rebel against the Nigeria State even though de dies ultimately for that offence.
    If you ask your fathers who wish to tell the truth, this is what you will hear.

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