IDPs in Yobe allegedly eat wild plants to survive

Hundreds of returnees in communities liberated from Boko Haram in Yobe state have resorted to eating a wild plant, coffee pod known locally as ‘Tafasa’ for survival.


It was gathered that the situation has affected returnee communities of Gujba, Goniri, Katarko, Ngirbua Kasaisa, Buni yadi, Gulani and part of Damaturu that largely depend on interventions from government and other donor agencies.

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Musa Haruna, an IDP returnee in Buni yadi, revealed that the consumption of the coffee pod is on increase as several households depend on it for survival.

“Although there were interventions from government, donor agencies and international organizations, but the interventions were grossly inadequate” he said

A resident in Katarko, Mohammed Goni, told Newsmen that the intake of the plant is making people to purge, saying “some people will cook the plant and eat it without any ingredient. This usually causes complication if too much is consumed because the plant is used as medicine to treat ailments like fever and body rashes. People cannot afford the oil and groundnut cake that turn it into delicacy,” he said

He said that the state government was supplying food through State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) but it is ‘grossly inadequate’.



  1. Why can’t they integrate with the larger society and go to Work? It is high time everyone both poor and rich should come to conclusion that the Era of getting free stuff and money is gone. Everyone should go to work, earn the wages and live like human being.

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