Shameless Couple Caught Having S*x in the Middle of a Bridge (Photo+Video)

A couple has disgraced themselves by going to the middle of a busy bridge to have s*x to the shock of many people.


This is the shocking moment a Russian couple were caught on camera having s*x in the middle of a road bridge on the Trans Siberian Highway.

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The couple were filmed by a mortified motorist who stopped to film the romantic encounter. The incident happened on a bridge in the city of Krasnoyarsk, in the central Russian Krasnoyarsk Krai region.

During the shaky video footage, the man is almost fully clothed while the woman is stripped to her underwear and training shoes. The woman is leaning against the bonnet of a red Audi.

One eyewitness, who gave her name as Yekaterina, said: ‘We were passing over the bridge and when we saw them we could not believe our eyes.

‘We decided to go back to make sure it was not our imagination, and it was not. They were still there, but had changed position.’

The video has since gone viral as police have started investigation.



  1. These acts is gradually spreading and becoming a norm amongst lovers, mostly with the whites. Many cases already see everywhere.

    These humans are bent on destroying the dignity of mankind by making love in the open places and not secret custody….hmmmm

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