Most Cruelest Cake? Mother Gets Her Daughter a Birthday Cake of Her Head Stuck in the Toilet (Photos)

A teenage girl from Coventry in England, celebrated her milestone 18th birthday last week, and thanks to her family, it’s one she’ll never forget.





The birthday girl (left) and a replica of her pose turned into a cake (right)

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A mum has taught her 18-year-old daughter the best lesson, but in the cruelest way.

Abbi Price from England recently celebrated her 18th birthday recently, and like most of teenagers when they turn 18, she had a few drinks, but unfortunately, Abbi may have had a few too many drinks and ended up with her head down the toilet.

Her mum being a mum, literally took a photo of the situation and used that picture to teach her a lesson by turning it into a beautiful three-tier cake but at its top was the unflattering memorial.

Abbi said: ‘I loved the cake and I expected the photo to be printed on the cake so when I saw they actually made a whole figure out if it I was really impressed.

‘My mum thought it was a great idea. I’m usually sensible with my drink so my mum is usually OK with it, this one occasion I had a party and she left for an hour and i went a bit overboard and this is what she came home to, took the photo and had always threatened to use it at my 18th but took it one step further!’

The cake was reportedly baked by the talented bakers at Mockadoodleyou in Coventry England.



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