National Drivers licence now valid for 5 years

The Lagos State Motor Vehicle Administration Agency (MVAA) has announced a new validity period of five years for the National Drivers’ Licence, noting however that the choice is optional.


The General Manager of the Agency, Mr. Lateef Lawal, who disclosed this today, said the decision was taken at the 134th meeting of the Federal Road Safety Commission’s Joint Tax Board in order to ease off the renewal/reissue process of the driver’s licence.

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Speaking further, the General Manager lauded the initiative and maintained that with the new feature, applicants have the opportunity to either select the option of three or five year validity period, adding that applicants who are unable to complete the processing within a specific time now have an extended period for renewing the licence.

While emphasising that this initiative is also aimed at improving on service delivery and ensuring that the service is readily available to all applicants, Lawal affirmed that processing fees remain at N6,350 for the three-year period and N10,350 for five year option, inclusive of bank charges.

The General Manager however urged intending applicants to patronise only accredited driving schools following which an e-certificate will be issued to commence the process of obtaining a driver’s licence.



  1. Officially, in 10 years one will spend N19,050 for 3 years licence and N20,700 for 5 years licence

    What’s the Economy in this, knowing fully that with Naija factor, one won’t be paying exact money.

  2. Five years renewal period is still quite unreasonable and appears exploitative
    Just like here in UK,10 years period will be ideal
    What is the essence of inconveniencing motorists by making them renew their driving licences every 5 years ?
    It does not add up in any way
    Besides more emphasis needs to be laid in sanctioning drivers that break traffic rules
    The driving standard of most Nigerian motorists is very poor
    Most of them do not seem to have a clue about the traffic code or they just deliberately have no regard for it
    Persistent dangerous drivers should have their licences revoked and severely fined or sent to prison,depending on the seriousness of the offence

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