5 Reasons Why Many Beautiful Women Fail in Relationships…No. 3 is So True

Have you ever wondered why some really beautiful ladies sometimes find it hard to find stable relationships? These tips may be the answer you seek.

black woman

Ever wondered why very beautiful Kenyan women end up living alone, single, dejected spinsters? Walk with me because all that glitters is not gold.

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Below are five reasons why most beautiful women have found themselves still stuck on the shelf even after they are past their sell by date.

1. Very ill-mannered

Most beautiful women have the most irritating and annoying manners which will tick off a man no matter how much they adore the beauty.

They will not mop a house clean because they are afraid their nails will break, will not make chapatis for the same reason and others cannot even hold someone’s baby lest they be pooped on even though the baby is in diapers!

Which Kenyan man will want to keep such a woman?

2. Very high maintenance

Yes, because they are beautiful, they imagine they deserve top notch treatment in the most expensive of places.. and they will never compromise.

You will never see them shopping at the local market for veggies. Zucchini is their preferred vegetables joint while they will only eat at one of these high-end joints.

Whilst there is nothing wrong in shopping in such expensive places, not every man is Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg.

3. Selfish and self-absorbed

Most beautiful women think the world revolve around them, that every man should worship the ground they walk on.

This is true to some extent because they are like what a hive is to a bee. Men are always buzzing around them for a chance to date them.

This makes them turn nasty and selfish but hey, their value does not last long because the men will finally find someone less fussy to settle with leaving the beautiful lass languishing in the wilderness of loneliness.

4. Not willing to give birth

Because that figure eight must be maintained, most beautiful women will not want to bear children.

They do not want to have a sagging bosom or baby fat all around.

Which full-blooded Kenyan man will want such a woman especially when his mother is always nagging, demanding its time she is called Shosho (grandmother)?

5. Selective

They know they are attractive hence men will go to any length to have them and so will be very picky on the kind of man they want.

Most beautiful women will want to go for married rich men who drive big cars and own several flats and farms.

They will despise that short guy with a bald head and a Toyota Probox who has the potential to make them good wives and make loads of money along the way.



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